Friday, October 30, 2015

French Mathematicians Rally Over the Absurd, Costly and Pointless Crusade Against Climate Change

These French Mathematicians are skeptical about the costly, absurd and pointless crusade about climate change.  But rather than challenge the IPCC's policy decisions, their white paper vetted whether their work would be acceptable for scientific publication

We are not in a position to question the composition of the IPPC, or its legitimacy and policy decisions, and we shall not do so. However, as mathematicians, we have every right to respond to the following question: if the IPPC’s work were to be submitted for publication in a reputable scientific journal, would it be accepted? This decision is the task of a referee, in a procedure that is common practice in the sciences.
The answer is very simple: no sensible, high-quality journal would publish the IPPC’s work. The IPPC’s conclusions go against observed facts; the figures used are deliberately chosen to support its conclusions (with no regard for the most basic scientific honesty), and the natural variability of phenomena is passed over without comment. The IPPC’s report fails to respect the fundamental rules of scientific research and could not be published in any review with a reading panel. 
Yet governments throughout the Western World as well as the Vatican are pushing for climate change consensus action during the Paris Climate Change meeting in December.

The Société de Calcul Mathématique's white paper voiced scholarly skepticism about the climate change stampede. But even tongue-in-cheek filquers like the Minnesotans for Global Warming get the irony and avarice encompassed in Climate Change so called consensus. 

These issues will be coming to the fore during the Paris Climate Change Conference in early December. 

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