Monday, October 26, 2015

On Who Will Stand Up to Washington

Senator Ted Cruz and Donald Trump

In his remarks before the Iowa Candidates Assessment Summit in Waterloo, Iowa, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) expressed gratitude for Donald Trump's participation in the 2016 Republican Primary process.

Is this actually honoring another outsider candidate or distinguishing without dissing?  Senator Cruz has been adamant about adhering to Ronald Reagan's 11th Commandment to not criticize other Republicans personally,  But now is the time when he has to start make his move to do well in the Iowa Caucuses to get winnowed into being competitive for GOP nomination.  

Thus Cruz used his remarks before Tea Party types to bolster his own record of challenging the establishment Between the Beltways  while recognizing who has hogged the spotlight during the silly season in the summer before a Presidential primary. 

Will this work?  Trumpeteers love politicians who are willing to fight, but many seem cemented to celebrating a curmudgeonous celebrity candidate. The question becomes whether these disaffected prospective voters just revel in a war of words or if they want someone who will really make DC listen.

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