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Friday, September 28, 2012

Obama and Another Bump in the Road


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       Glenn Mc Coy

POTUS Talent Show

Aw, someone needs empathy for having so many balls in the air to juggle.  It was so much easy when campaigning just meant Hopey Changey hype.

But wasn't that same individual also shown as Shiva  the "God of All Things" who can act with alacrity and elan?

It will compliment the media meme planted by ex President Bill Jefferson Clinton that nobody could do a better job than Obama in these circumstances.

h/t Kevin Kallaughter, The Economist

Charlie O. Finely on Reputation

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Vile Viral Video to Re-Elect Obama

[L] Samuel L. Jackson, actor and Obama activist
Samuel L. Jackson, the narrator for the video version of the ironic bed time book “Go the F–k to Sleep” is the star of a new internet spot on the election. The Jewish Council for Research and Education, a pro-Obama liberal Super PAC run by George Soros’ 25-year old scion Alexander, engaged the 63-year old actor to reprise his role as a angry man reading a Dr. Seuss like story "Wake the F--k Up".


Federico Fellini on Temperament

Journalist for Censorship in Geller NYC Transit Graffiti Bust

After winning a court battle which tried to censor the sentiment, Pamela Geller’s “Support Israel- Resist Jihad” ads were recently circulated in the New York City Transit system.

In a apparent publicity stunt, CNN and MSNBC  Egyptian-American columnist Mona Eltahawy chose to vandalize the perceived anti-Muslim ads as she was being filmed.  What the commentator criminal did not count on was Pamela Hall, a concerned citizen getting in the way.

Ms. Hall was sympathetic to the “Resist Jihad” campaign but she also stood up against squelching free speech and countenancing clear vandalism.  The delay seemed to be long enough for the NYPD to step in and cuff the apparently indignant Eltahwy.  Mona claimed that she was not harming anyone and that she too was exercising her First Amendment rights.  It seems that Eltahwy’s civics lessons did not cover battery and vandalism are unacceptable in the civilized public square.  Moreover, in America the cure to undesired speech is more speech not erasing the other side.

While the perpetrator  acted melodramatically , she also was intent to exploit the American civil system while de jure imposing  Shariah law.  Perhaps when she pleads her case in court, she can quote the pertinent part of President Obama’s recent speech before the UN General Assembly “The future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

But accepting that it was a publicity stunt for her cause and to raise her esteem on progressive news outlets like MSNBC, it is downright curious that a journalist sought to advance her career by championing censorship.   Especially since Eltahwy is supposed to be a feminist Muslim who wants to change Muslim practices.  Geller's ad is aimed against Salafists who want to annihilate Israel.  So in the end Eltahwy still adopts the extreme Muslim perspective of imposing Shariah codes on everyone.  This failed stunt does not seem like forward progress, even for a liberal bastion like MSNBC.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Obama's Mickey Mouse Diplomacy

At first, when President Barack Obama was planning his trip to New York to speak at the United Nations General Assembly, he did not have enough time to schedule a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.  After the rioting at the US Embassy in Cairo on September 11th and threatening words from Egyptian President (and Muslim Brotherhood leader) Muhamed Morsi, President Obama found it convenient to cancel with Morsi. 

Rather than slight the leader of the Ummah, the "Leader of the Free World" declined to meet with any foreign leaders.  Instead, Obama's Mickey Mouse diplomacy was to go on ABC-TV's "The View". Mr. Obama had such a hard hitting interview with his wife on "The View" that he could quip that the President was just "eye candy."

But this was not the first time that the House of Mouse has bent over backwards to help the Celebrity-in-Chief.  In January, Mr. Obama wanted to announce a strategy to improve tourism and travel using Disney World's Cinderella's castle as a backdrop.  So Disney closed down Main Street for the morning to accommodate the President's 13 minute photo op

Serious voters may decide to exile Mr. Obama from Fantasyland on the Potomac come January 20th, 2013. 

George Bernard Shaw on History

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Obama's UN Unorthodox Equivocation on Intolerance

During President Barack Obama’s annual speech before the United Nations General Assembly gave a perplexing perspective on religious liberty.

Obama went on to equivocate by challenging those wishing to stop Islamic blasphemy to also condemn Holocaust Deniers and those who torch churches.  However, it is shamefully naive to think that the Arab Street will hear these later rhetorical challenges.


Thomas Sowell on Politics

Monday, September 24, 2012

State Department Surliness Over Bungled Benghazi Blame

[L] P.R. spokesman Philippe Reines and [R] Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Buzzfeed correspondent Michael Hastings contacted Philippe Reines to follow up on the over-the-top
attack on that he made at CNN regarding the release of details of assassinated U.S. Ambassador Libya Chris Stevens.   Reines, the Press Secretary (and long time personal aide) to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, repeated his outrage against CNN's reportage, claiming that they have responsibilities to act as human beings and respect the grieving Ambassador's family.

The e-mail exchanges got testy and the ever officious civil servant used crude Anglo-Saxon invectives to dismiss the pesky questioner.

Students of history should remember that the forty years ago Watergate scandal may have been precipitated by an ill-conceived opposition research campaign stunt and a botched burglary.  But the situation was exacerbated by  surliness to the press and stonewalling by the Nixon Administration officials to cover up for their chief.  It is the cover-up that can be worse than the crime.


Winston Churchill on Theology

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Flagged for Error

The Obama 2012 campaign is using this image for fundraising purposes.  I wonder if the Eric Holder led DOJ will be prosecuting this infraction fast and furiously.  

But I'm sure that the Committee to Re-Elect the President will argue that it was artistic in nature and that it does not represent the banner of the U.S. government.  In addition, the Obama campaign current standard is less ego centric from the Obama Stars and Stripes of the spring.

So run that up your flagpole and see if anyone salutes it.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Celebrity in Chief's New Political Plank

September 19th was International Talk Like a Pirate Day, a fanciful faux holiday where people are encouraged to blurt out buccaneer phrases in casual conversation.  To wit, President Barack Obama tweeted this picture.

While it is kind of cute for Mr. Obama to participate in this visual joke.  But it took time and planning for the Celebrity in Chief to set up for this Pirate picture.  This same week, President Obama made time to appear on Late Night with David Letterman to face tough questions from the host such as "Have you seen me naked?"

Later, Obama went to a fund-raiser with Beyonce and Jay-Z which included a $280,000 tower of champagne.

When does President Obama have time to govern, or even attend a daily National Security briefing?


Friedrich Nietzsche on Truth

Nietzsche Truth

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Recognizing Heroic Virtue at the Value Voters Summit

Leo Johnson [C] is lionized for heroism at the FRC terror attack by FRC head Tony Perkins  [photo: BD Matt]

While there were many poignant presentations made at the 2012 Value Voters Summit, the rest paled in comparison to when Leo Johnson took the stage on the first night of the Summit.   Only a month before, Johnson thwarted a mass casualty terror attack on the Family Research Council.

On August 15th, 2012 a  28 year old man disgruntled at  traditional marriage advocacy tried to enter  the FRC headquarters.  The visitor had a backpack with 15 day old Chick-fil-A sandwiches and he pulled out a gun.  Building Operations Manager Johnson ducked as a bullet flew above his head.  A second shot struck Johnson in the arm.  The third shot missed and hit a wall.  Even in his injured state, Johnson was able to wrestle the gun away from the assailant. As FRC President Tony Perkins awarded Leo Johnson the organizations highest award for his heroics, there was a long, loud, sustained and sincere applause from the assembled Value Voters Summit audience.


Other speakers, such as Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R-VA), Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and former Republican Presidential candidate Senator Rick Santorum gave more substantive speeches.  But the rawness of the incident, the real peril posed by this domestic terrorist and the stakes which this incident put on Value Voters exercising their free speech supporting their faith made Leo Johnson's rightful lionization most memorable.

SEE MORE from the Value Voters Summit at

George Orwell on Journalism

George Orwell Journalism

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Democrat Game of Snooker

It is unusual that the 41st President is not portrayed holding his cue. But why is it that in post World War II America that it seems that the White House is demeaned when occupied by a "D"?

Here is Aaron Sorkin's idealized vision of billiards in a liberal Democrat White House as shown in the 1995 romantic dramatic film The American President.

POTUS Prioritization

Bibi's on a Red Courtesy Telephone--should he be UN-connected?

The 47%-ers

Currently,  there is considerable consternation with Republican Presidential nominee Governor Mitt Romney's  (R-MA) remarks about the 47% of the electorate who won't vote for him because they pay no income taxes and are reliant on the government.

The candidates candid comments parallel DeTocqueville's prophecy nearly  two centuries later.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Ironic Electoral Exchange

Sometimes subtle shifts in rhetoric can moot a meme. 

h/t: A.F. Branco 

So Get Out--How An Individual Can Still Influence the Electorate

Ryan Bomberger, a passionate Pro-Lifer with a moving person story, shows that David can slay Goliath with scrapping the First Amendment by limiting free speech during elections. His objection to the Obama Administration prompted him to produce "So Get Out", which is one of a series of campaigns to highlight issues which he values.


Christophobia on Sitcoms--That Isn't Funny!

In 2004, Tyler Perry revealed he had been approached to produce a TV comedy series, but the successful actor/director and performing arts impressario turned it down because it could not be religious.   Eventually, Perry was able to strike a $200 million deal over five years to produce edgy comedies like the House of Payne and For Better or Worse, deals with moral failings and religion on the small screen, albeit on cable.

Some may argue that people just want to laugh while watching entertainment television and not be preached at.  Other analysis opines that Hollywood just looks to the bottom line and will give the people what they want.  Accepting these arguments pro arguendo, why has there been the explosion of television shows that "celebrates diversity" by prominently featuring homosexual characters and gay themes?  Based on prime-time television, one would think that 25% of the American population was involved in such an alternative lifestyle.

It is great to see some diversity on television.  However, it seems that secular humanist forces which champion same sex "marriage" are using entertainment arms to regularize their perspective.  Considering the strong support of traditional marriage in polling and at the ballot box, it is folly to claim that these executive entertainment decisions are simply giving the people what they want or not alienating significant audiences.  Yet when faithful Christians like Tyler Perry try to incorporate their world view into their art, they hit a brick wall on network broadcast television.

It would be refreshing if advocates of "diversity" included philosophical and political diversity into their spheres and did not ostracize Christian world views from the mainstream media marketplace.

James Madison on the Constitution

James Madison Constitution

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Views from the Value Voters Summit 2012, Volume 1

[caption id="attachment_3621" align="aligncenter" width="604"] GOP VP Nominee Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI 1st) at Value Voters Summit 2012 [Photo: BD Matt]  

Views from the Value Voters Summit 2012 which featured GOP VP nominee Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI 1st), House Majority Leader Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA 7th), Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN 6th), actor/director Kirk Cameron et ali.


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Remembering the Battle of Britain

Remembering the Battle of Britain in 1940.  The heroism is often recognized in the pilots of defended the free skies of Britain, but this Air Raid Shelter prayer also commemorates the courageous spirit of the British people in the shadows of Nazi adversity.

May we remember this divine reverence and tap into a reservoir of courage, optimism and community spirit if and when we face dark days.


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Big Gulp--Nanny Bloomberg's "Modest Proposal" Super Sized Sugary Soda Ban Approved

Today the New York City Board of Health approved  Mayor Michael Bloomberg's (D-R-I-NYC) Large Soda Ban by a nine to nothing vote (with one abstention).  The Health Board claims that they received 32,000 comments and only 6,000 people objected. Yet this rousing ratification of the Nanny State comes despite  public polling that 60% of New Yorkers opposed this ban on sugary sodas larger than a pint. Granted, we have seen how Democrats can treat the popular vote when there is a desired decision in mind.  So what does the vox populi matter when your progressive political betters know what is best for you?


Donald Trump on Virtue

Hope not to hear this:

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11 Tweets from Presidential Candidates

These were the morning messages from the major Presidential candidates on Twitter for September 11, 2012.

Well, at least the incumbent managed not to use the pronoun I in his 140 characters. But it shows his priorities as well as sensitivities.

Economics Inspired Epithets

Sadly, Chip Bok's political cartoon is not just satirical exaggeration, but was a case of life imitating art. Witness this liberal tirade on MSNBC a.k.a.  Mess-DNC.

MSNBC bills itself as "The Place for Politics" with a "Lean Forward" motto which foreshadowed the Obama 2012 "Forward!" campaign.  Maybe the scant viewership should harken back to slogans inspired by the last Presidential campaign and Hope that they Change the channel.

h/t: Chip Bok

The Obama Lap Dog

Assuredly, the lapdog is not Bo--he's not so clingy.

Remembering the Heroes of 9/11

George W. Bush on 9/11

Those sentiments honoring the fallen and the rescuers can be seen in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks of America as the President rallied the nation on the burning heap of the World Trade Center.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Obama Gets a Lift from Campaigning

[photo credit:  Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP]

While campaigning in South Florida, President Barack Obama (D-IL) made an unannounced stop at Big Apple Pizza and Pasta Italian Restaurant in Fort Pierce, Florida.  Mr. Obama was enthusiastically greeted by owner Scott Van Duzer, who lifts the candidate off the ground with his bear hug.

The story was supposed to be about a small business owner who did not vote for Mr Obama in 2008 who now supports him, but this awkward optic overwhelms the intended message.  The scene certainly conveys a warm greeting, but it may not convey the commanding presence of the President of the United States.

It seems that the Obama2012 Advance Team dropped the ball and let star struck citizens get carried away.  Fortunately, Van Druzer did not drop the candidate. 

J.R. Tolkien on Adversity

All hail to the Lord of the Rings,  The magic and mystery they bring To the music of their story thru Styx

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Obamanomics Hypocrisy

Candidate Obama's compartmentalizing of statistics and ideological alacrity demonstrate the political maxim "Where you sit is where you stand". 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Obama's Marching Shoes?

Last year, President Barack Obama scolded his friends at the Congressional Black Caucus for not putting on their "Marching Shoes"

However contrary to his promises on the stump to unions that he would put on comfortable shoes to march with them, Mr. Obama has disappointed his friends and not lived up to his word.

Perhaps this is because Obama  can not seem to fill his shoes.  His wife Michelle bragged during her moments of Glory at the 2012 DNC Convention in Charlotte that when they were starting out, Barack's decent pair of shoes  were a half size too small.

Maybe it's time to get resoled or just downsize his footwear.  Flip flops would be pretty comfortable on Waikiki Beach.

h/t: Walt Handelsman, Newsday

Coifs for Clash of the Titans?

In mythical Greece, Medusa had the mesmerizing look. At the Democrat National Convention in Charlotte, DNC Chair Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz had an incredible make-over.

Maybe this was a bad hair day for the Democrat National Party Chair. But considering DWS's rhetorical rubbish that she spewed regarding the lack of dissent when Democrat elites strong armed party platform changes on God and Jerusalem maybe she was working her wiles to seek the stoner vote.  After all, President Obama is depending on Harold and Kumar.

Comparative Conventions Star Wars Conceit

Clearly, a jestful geek from the left side of the universe constructed this clever Star Wars conceit.

But I am inclined to invoke the insight of Dr. Shelton Cooper, PhD from The Big Bang Theory: "I prefer to let George Lucas disappoint me in the order he intended." Remember that Episodes IV to VI came before I to III.


Besides, this sort sort of ad hominem attack capitalizes on fear.  And you know what Master Yoda said about that: 
Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate

Sideshow Bob on Politics