Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Sierra Club Testimony Seems to Burn Under Congressional Scrutiny

Senator Ted Cruz Burns Sierra Club President

Sierra Club President Aaron Mair testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Mair did not seem prepared to answer hostile questions.

Senator Ted Cruz's used this time to drive home the point that satellite data over the last 18 years have not shown global warming. All Mair seemed prepared to say was that 97% of scientists surveyed claim that global warming is due to anthropogenic climate change.

 It was unfortunate for the Sierra Club to have their leader constantly consult with counsel over simple questions.  Mair seemed misinformed about "The Pause" as the Sierra Club chief claimed it was about a phenomenon in the 1940s.  Cruz noted that environmental activists have attributed the 18 year anomaly of no rising global temperatures as "The Pause".

What was telling was when Senator Cruz pressed Mair if he would issue a retraction on behalf of the Sierra Club if the scientific data showed that there was no increase in global temperatures as observed through satellite data over the last 18 years. In response, all the Sierra Club President could do is inanely repeat his talking point about how 97% of scientists surveyed claimed "the debate is over".

The intersection of Big Science and public policy is fraught with danger.  Pope Francis seemed to premise his papal encyclical Laudato Si on the consensus of climate change scientists and urged urgent action during the Paris Global Warming Gathering in December.  It is worrisome when those who want to rule with science ignore contervailing data because it goes against their orthodoxy and simply claim consensus rules.

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