Saturday, October 24, 2015

Zig Ziglar on Life

Zig ZIglar on Life


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    1. It's a challenging aphorism. I say this while "briefly" watching the DC v. TB football game. But it is only occasionally on and I'm reading much of the time. It may not financially correspond but as for having a rich life by reading and being engaged holds.

      In our hectic and frenetically paced lives, it is an easy option to be entertained by television (some may deride it as the "Boob Tube"). When that becomes the focal point in our lives, we become poorer for it. Some scientists have speculated that sedentary television watching puts us in a semi-comatose state, where we are included to be less engaged and creative. Some might say cultural zombies.

      So I'll grant you that from a financial ledger Ziglar's quote may not be "on the money", but I consider it prophetic on living a rich, full life.

      Thanks for the challenge.