Thursday, April 30, 2015

Michael Moore-on (sic) Dystopian Dreams

Michael Moore used to play the part of Agent Provacateur against America by creating puckish polemic documentary films.   Now the millionaire socialist just takes to Twitter to incite anger amongst the underclass, 

Trey Parker and Matt Stone seemed to have captured Michael Moore's modus operandi in the satirical action comedy Team America World Police (2004).

As Michael Moore's dystopian dreams will soon be chanted by Occupyistas that are egged on to take the streets allegedly to protest police brutality, but in reality they are the useful idiots for a Cloward-Pliven strategy to change the polity.

While I am unlikely to agree with Moore's socialist screeds, his contentions seem ludicrous in 140 character snippets.  It would be wonderful if Moore returned to making political farces like Canadian Bacon  (1995) to make his points rather than inflaming unrest via social media