Saturday, April 30, 2016

W.C. Fields on Drinking

W.C. Fields on Drinking

Chewing on Social Cannibalism

Robert LeFevre on Cannibalism

We like to think of ourselves as being so civilized and sophisticated.  Yet progressive America continues to champion abortion on demand, in which proponents can not even own up to taking a human life as they claim to protect womens' reproductive freedom.

In the 2016 political cycle, Senator Bernie Sanders (Socialist-VT) has excited young progressives who would sympathized with Occupy Wall Street's targeting of "the 1%" in pursuit of free college, free health care etc. without producing anything.  In essence, it is an "Eat the Rich" mentality. 

Some Soylent Green anyone?

Friday, April 29, 2016

Cruz Manifestly Slams Communism at Campaign Stop

Ted Cruz on the Communist Manifesto

During a campaign event in Elkhart, Indiana, a student asked Republican Presidential hopeful Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) to sign his "economics textbook".  Cruz obliged but noted that the tome was the "Communist Manifesto" by Karl Marx.

Rather than call out thugs to make the disrupter disappear, Cruz made his point through a clever signing statement. WSBT cameras covered how Cruz noted how millions suffered because of this economic ideology and how it impacted his family's history.  Cruz then thanked the student for coming to the event.

This is a much different tact than seems to occur at Trump rallies.  It is not just the Trump riot in Santa Cruz, California.  It seems that pugnaciousness is encouraged and dissent is not tolerated at in the Trump rump.

This is not the first time that Cruz has engaged with opposition in his audience to his advtange.  Last July, Code Pink crashed a rally against the Iran Deal in Lafayette Park near the White House.  Instead of shouting down the opposition or folding the tent, Cruz lent the microphone to Medea Benajamin and other Pink protester to engage with them on their points, rather than staged talking points. But naturally that does not make the news, because the Lamestream Media would rather cover such vital stories as Cruz refers to basketball rings in Indiana.

On Boehner's Diabolic Diatribe Against Cruz

John Boehner's Diabolic Diatribe Against Ted Cruz

When speaking before an audience in Stanford University,  ex Speaker of the House John Boehner excoriated Republican Presidential hopeful Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) by calling him an SOB and comparing him with the Prince of Darkness.  While at the same time, Boehner admitted that he was a texting and golfing buddy of GOP Presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

Delving deeper into this devilish diatribe, it is easy to understand Boehner's bad-mouthng comes as no surprise.

Boehner was a quintessential Cocktail Party Republican.  Boehner first joined the House in 1991 so he had an establishment bent,, albeit not to personally include earmarks. By the time Boehner ascended into leadership roles for House Republicans, the party's power waned so it was important to go along to get along. This modus operendi was complicated by the advent of the Tea Party, which wanted to have constitutional rule of law, smaller government and fighting for your principles.

In September 2013, Senator Ted Cruz gave a 21 hour filibuster to fight for Obamacare changes in the Continuing Resolution.  Boehner bristled at the resulting government shutdown but spun it to point out that the Obama Administration would not compromise.

The reality is that Cruz exposed the game.  Boehner wanted to usher in a Continuing Resolution which might have some limitations to Obamacare, but when it would be excised in Conference Committee before going to President Obama, Boehner could confidentially vote against the CR and claim that he fought for conservative principles. In essence, Boehner was willing to feign fighting without giving a flying flip about winning but then embrace compromise as a part of politics.

The other admission that the former Speaker made was that Boehner was a texting and golf buddy of the Donald. Washington Post Congressional reporter Paul Kane assessed that Boehner was ousted as Speaker by House Conservatives who: "a country club Republican who loved to play 18 holes of golf and drink merlot afterward while cutting deals." So someone who loved to cut deals amongst the establishment in the Cocktail Party would naturally recoil against a confrontational style of upstarts like Cruz who are principled and willing to fight.

Although Trump's over the top rhetoric during the campaign contrasts with Boehner's generally easy-going style, both relish in deal making, especially with the establishment. While in Congress, Boehner chaffed at inserting earmarks.  It will be curious if that resolution holds when former Members are allowed to lobby their former fellow lawmakers. Of course, Boehner may enjoy hitting the links at Doral Park. Maybe Boehner can improve his orange complexion along with Trump.

Franklin Graham on Transgendered Bathrooms and Going Back to God

Franklin Graham on Transgendered Bathrooms and Going Back to God

Bobby Knight on Conservatives

Bobby Knight on Conservatives

No wonder why legendary Indiana Hoosier men's basketball coach Bobby Knight was happy to endorse Donald Trump for President.   

His incoherence with conservatism along with railing against the rules and a mercurial mindset makes this a perfect match.  

H.L. Mencken on Frauds

H.L. Mencken on Frauds