Thursday, October 20, 2016

Giuliani Jibes at Obama's Just-Us Department

Rudy Giuliani on Obama's Justice Department

"My vote can't be bought but it can be rented"

Hillary Clinton echoes ex Senator John Breaux on politicians being rented

As revealed through Wikileaks, transcripts of Democrat Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton (D-NY)'s lucrative speaking engagements to banks had some embarrassing allusions.  

It was telling how Mrs. Clinton echoed former Senator John Breaux on how votes can not be bought but may be rented.  That seems particularly egregious considering the pay-for-play accusations of Clinton Foundation donors getting concierge service while Secretary of State Clinton was at Foggy Bottom.  

And it also calls into question former President Bill Clinton's lucrative speech  in Kazakhstan and Clinton Foundation donations before the State Department approved Russian affiliated company Uranium One taking control of 25% of America's uranium stock

Friedrich Nietzsche on Insanity

Friedrich Nietzsche on Insanity

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

On Baseball Bats, Civility and Wise Latinas

Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor recently gave  the Robert A. Stein lecture before an audience of 2,700 people at the University of Minnesota on civility in public discourse. 


Sotomayor made an admission against interest as she recalled working with her  Associate Justice Antonin Scalia, with whom she could violently disagree.

Associate Justice Sotomayor on Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia
Yet Sotomayor spoke also affectionately of her conservative colleague, noting that the death of Scalia was like losing a family member. Sotomayor insisted that despite their differences that she was a good friend of Scalia.

Notwithstanding her uncharitable impulses when butting heads with Scalia on the Supreme Court bench, the self labeled Wise Latina chides herself that: 

If we’ve lost anything, it’s remembering that differences don’t stand, necessarily, on ill will. If you keep that in mind, you can resolve almost any issue, because you can find that common ground to interact with each other.

To support civility, it might be wise for Sotomayor to consider how her progressive SCOTUS ally Ruth Bader Ginsburg discerns dissent before being driven to grab a baseball bat. 

Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Temperament

Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Temperament

John Locke on Truth

John Locke on Truth