Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Dolly Parton on the Smoky Mountains Fires

Dolly Parton on the Smoky Mountain Fires

Joe Manchin on Flag Burning

Senator Joe Manchin on Flag Burning

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) seized upon the Donald Trump generated controversy concerning flag burning to voice patriotic support for protecting Old Glory.

There has been some talk that the Reagan Democrat might choose to caucus with the Republican Senate Majority in the 115th Congress. This seems dubious, as there were similar rumors that Manchin might vote with his feet after winning the Special Election in 2010 to replace the deceased Democrat mainstay Robert Byrd (D-WV). But those prospects never panned out and Manchin ran for a full term as a Democrat in 2012.

It should be noted that Senator Manchin will be up for re-election in the next cycle and he is vulnerable because Trump won the Mountaineer State by 40 points in the general election.

Moreover, Manchin has been tarnished with a reputation of nepotism with the Epipen controversy.

Manchin's talking tough on the burning of the American flag shows that the campaign for 2018 has already begun.

Antonin Scalia on Flag Burning

Antonin Scalia on Flag Burning

President Elect Donald Trump on Flag Burning

President Elect Donald Trump on Flag Burning

In the midst of the Trump Transition, President Elect Donald Trump started a firestorm via social media regarding the burning the the American flag. 

Tom Cotton on Fidel Castro

Senator Tom Cotton on Fidel Castro and hell

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Reductio Ad Absurdia of the Idea of Undocumented Laborers

Larry Elder compares burglars to undocumented illegal aliens

In the midst of the liberal post election meltdown, progressives are pushing the idea that unless America accepts all undocumented aliens then they are racists as they suppose is President Elect Trump.

Conservatives are pushing back on this smug conceit.  On Tucker Carlson Tonight, a youthful anti-Donald Trump protester had to grapple with the question about America having a wide open door for anyone to come in.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Mike Pompeo on National Security

Mike Pompeo on National Security

Is there any wonder why President Elect Trump chose Congressman Mike Pompeo (R-KS 4th) for his Director of the Central Intelligence Agency?

Kanye West's 2020 Foresight?

Kanye West on voting for Trump

Recently, at a concert, Kanye West made a politically incorrect proclamation.

Perhaps this was due to a Late Registration (2005).

Or maybe it was something in the air around Kanye, like at the 2015 VMA Awards.

It might even have been possible that Kayne had 20/20 (sic) foresight.

Senator Jeff Sessions on Vetting Nominees

Trump Attorney General nominee Senator Jeff Sessions on vetting nominees

One hopes that the court of public opinion will adopt the same fair evaluation standards for Senator Jeff Sessions as President Elect Trump's Attorney General that he took on the Senate Judiciary Committee to vetting nominees.  

However, it is to be expected that the mainstream media will perpetuate the meme that Trump is stuffing his White House with racists and will seize upon anything to advance that impression.

Nigel Farage on a Year of Change

Nigel Farage reacts to Trump winning and Brexit

Former UKIP party leader Nigel Farage, who championed the British withdrawal from the European Union, saw many parallels between Brexit and President-Elect Donald Trump's win in Election 2016 as they are the rise of the "little people". 

Both renegade political leaders looked happy when they met at Trump Tower after Mr. Trump's unexpected victory. 

Lt. General Michael Flynn on Shaking Things Up

President Elect Donald Trump names Lt. General Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor as he wants to shake things up

President Elect Donald Trump has named Lt. General Michael Flynn (ret.) as his National Security Advisor.  During the Obama Administration, Flynn had served as the Director of National Intelligence but retired a year early, because of clashes over managerial style and vision for the DIA.  Flynn was outspoken about the need to combat the threat of Islamic terrorism.

Since the National Security Advisor need not have Senate confirmation, Flynn will not have impediments to share his thoughts with the President after the inauguration. 

Monday, November 14, 2016

Keith Ellison on Donald Trump

Keith Ellison on Donald Trump

Representative Keith Ellison (D-MN) is the head of the House Progressive Caucus and is being seriously considered to lead the Democrat National Committee.

 It does not seem that he has learned anything from the 2016 Elections.  Jake Tapper may have some keen insight on infighting amongst Democrats as they re-coop from their losses in the general election. 

On the Trump Riots

David Chappelle on the Trump riots after the 2016 Election

During Election 2016, progressives championed the mantra "Love Trumps Hate" to make a play on words with their bete noir presidential opponent and to taut liberal tolerance. Democrat Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton (D-NY) warned with grave tones that her Republican challenger was unwilling to make a pre-voting declaration that he would accept the results from the ballot box and that such attitudes threatened the American tradition of a peaceful transition of power.

 Yet after the election of President Elect Donald Trump, mobs of progressives took to the streets to protest the election.  There is quite a bit of evidence that these demonstrations have been coordinated and that George Soros funded organizations are employing a rent-a-mob.

One of the famed leftist chants is "This is what Democracy looks like."  If they mean mob rule then yes.

But the United States of America is a democratically elected Constitutional Republic. 

Bernie Sanders on the Democrats

Bernie Sanders on the Democrats

Jake Tapper on Political Infighting

Jake Tapper ponders if Democrats will have more infighting than Republicans

Friday, November 11, 2016

Mike Huckabee on Government Workers

Mike Huckabee on Government Workers leaving after Trump election

Maya Angelou on Whining

Maya Angelou on Whining

Bob Hope on Sacrifice

Bob Hope on Sacrifice

Hollywood comedic actor Bob Hope was renowned for making 57 tours to entertain military troops for the USO  over 60 years, including 79 shows in the Southwest Pacific in 1944.  Writer John Steinbeck, who then served as a war correspondent, wrote of Hope:

When the time for recognition of service to the nation in wartime comes to be considered, Bob Hope should be high on the list. This man drives himself and is driven. It is impossible to see how he can do so much, can cover so much ground, can work so hard, and can be so effective. He works month after month at a pace that would kill most people.

By an act of Congress, Hope was named an honorary veteran in 1997. Hope's humble response to this honor was: "I've been given many awards in my lifetime — but to be numbered among the men and women I admire most — is the greatest honor I have ever received."

Thanks for the memories and entertaining those who serve to preserve our freedom.

Dwight D. Eisenhower on War

President Dwight D. Eisenhower on War

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Larry Elder on the Race Card

Larry Elder on the Race Card

Jonathan Turley on Trump Protests and Democracy

The evening after the results became clear that President-Elect Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election, thousands of youthful progressive protested in at least seven major cities to taunt Trump.

Protesters did not seem capable to articulate good reasons why they took to the streets. Many reveled in ribaldry or nebulous socialistic slogans.  

While normally talkative New York youths seemed camera shy towards Fox News Channel because "your guy won", the demonstrators were not benignly inclined towards CNN as they shouted obscenities about the press. 

In analyzing the agitations on the Kelly File, Jonathan Turley and the epoynmous hostess of the show lamented the manifestations of the "Cupcake Nation".

George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley on Trump Protesters and Democracy

These are the same people who demand safe-spaces on campus in case they encounter opinions upon which they disagree, yet everyone must accede to their political will.

Kenneth Blanchard on Leadership

Kenneth Blanchard on Leadership

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

HIllary Clinton's Concession Invokes Constitutional Democracy

Hillary Clinton's Concession invoking Constitutional Democracy

Democrat Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton (D-NY) took ten hours to give her concession to President Elect Donald Trump. 

In her delayed remarks, Mrs. Clinton offered gracious words to her opponent and urged that Mr. Trump be given a chance to lead while upholding continued participation in constitutional democracy.

Alas, progressive protesters in seven cities, including New York, Chicago and Philadelphia have taken to the streets in unauthorized protests to the election.

Mockingjay Metaphors for Trump Triumph in Election 2016

After the 2013 Election Night results, it seems that the voices of District 12 prevailed over the Elites in the Capitol, or in the District of Calamity (sic). 

Happy Hunger Games. May the odds be in your favor.