Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Grand Old Party Debate Drinking Diversions

Puckish political junkies who are not working a spin room for their boss can take the opportunity like a Presidential Debate to create a spin room of their own with Debate Drinking games. 

The third Republican Debate in Bolder Colorado is being hosted by CNBC.

Although skilled candidates will answer the questions they want, not what is asked, this debate is supposed to be about economic issues, so old GOP Debate Drinking Game Cards may not suffice.

The wags at created a viral video celebrating Republican Debate inspired cocktails. 

Should some think that their satire was too sharp, they did the same thing for the Democrat debate. Too bad that the Joe Biden concoction never caught on.

But don't forget about the Trumptini as much of the electorate has already forgotten its originator. 

It is likely that RINOs are Winos but they are closet drinkers at this point of the primary process, unless it is at a Cocktail Party on Capitol Hill. 

No doubt that most of these mocktails would be more savory to the GOP than the Bull Moose Cocktail.

N.B. As Ben Carson is Seventh Day Adventist, he abstains from alcohol so his mocktail should not consist of absinthe but be made of absent. 

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