Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Dr. Ben Carson Equates Abortion Attitudes to Slavery

Dr. Ben Carson Compares Abortion Attitudes to Slavery

As Dr. Ben Carson was surging to the top of national political polls for Republican primary preferences, he was interviewed on Meet the Press by Chuck Todd.  Dr. Carson dared to gently touch a third rail of politics, by comparing attitudes about abortion to slavery in antebellum America.

These viewpoints are nothing new, as he stated them publicly a couple of years ago at the Value Voters Summit.  What is notable is that Carson was not popularly pleasing an evangelical crowd but standing firm to his values with a soft spoken voice as the general populace gives his candidacy scrutiny.

Dr. Carson's strong pro-life values are in contract with Donald Trump's evolutionary anti-abortion ethos.  In 1999, when Trump was reading himself for a presidential run through the Reform Party, he declared that he was "very pro choice".  As he toyed with a run for the Republican Presidential nomination for the 2012 cycle, Trump told CPAC 2011 that he was pro-life.  In the 2016 primary campaign, Trump claimed that he was pro-life because of personal friends testimony during a primary debate.  Later, Trump clarified that he believed in abortion  in cases of rape incest and the health of the mother (which is little different than current late term abortion loopholes).  Maybe if Trump repeats that mantra often enough, like "I'm a Presbyterian" his followers will be believe it.

As Planned Parenthood funding continues to be under assault, it is likely that the Lamestream Media will spin Dr. Carson's principled comparison to an outrageous "War on Women" meme. But at least we know where Carson stands and based on his history doing neo-natal pediatric brain surgery, he has credibility for his strong stance. 

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