Thursday, June 14, 2018

Bob Corker on Politics

Senator Bob Corker rebukes President Trump's cult like status among fans

Nate Silver on the Singapore Summit

Nate Silver on the Singapore Summit between President Trump and North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un

The Attention Hogg (sic) Laments that "Politics Is All Spectacle and I Hate It"

In the wake of the February 14th mass shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglass High School, senior David Hogg has become a prominent progressive tool for push for Gun Control. Hogg was a leading figure in the so called March for Our Lives in Washington DC. 

Hogg then parlayed his tragic celebrity into bullying media personalities like Laura Ingraham on social media who questioned his credentials and  chaffed at his simplistic solutions towards the Second Amendment.  The mainstream media then sought to turn it into a feeding frenzy to try to take down a popular conservative voice and further denigrate Fox News.

Of late, Hogg has been involved in organizing die ins at Publix grocery stores because of a supposed linkage between political contributions and Second Amendment advocates.

Hogg opted to take a year off from his education in order to pursue partisan politics.  Hence,  the Attention Hogg (sic) tweet which rails against politics as all spectacle was puzzling. But consider the timing of the tweet. 

Hogg sent this as the group of students was trotted out on stage during the Tony Awards virtue signaling.  Melody Herzfeld, the drama teacher from Parkland High School Drama Teacher who was given an education award and some of her students  performed a (relatively) non-political song from Rent. 

But Hogg was not front and center nor were enough of them wearing March for Our Lives paraphernalia. Hogg may have been miffed that he was not given "equal time" to rally against the NRA.  Moreover, this moment dedicated to the tragedy was upstaged by Robert De Niro  rallying the crowds' rage in the Two Minute Hate

Perhaps Hogg was still stinging about being proverbially spanked about the intersection of his rabble rousing. Hogg made an appearance at the Boston Gay Pride parade, in which he pushed for raising the minimum wage.  When questioned about the matter, Hogg revealed the product of his education.

In lieu of a gap year toiling in the trenches of partisan politics, Hogg ought to have opted to learn English.  Res ipsa loquitur. But considering the content of Hogg's apologia for #Fightfor15, he might want to brush up on logic, political science and learn to better disguise his white privilege. That sort of causality is not going to rally minority voters to the polls for the midterms.

Honestly, Hogg made a bad choice as he should have brushed off campaigning and schooling and immediately jumped into his career of choice: mass communications.   When you are broadcast and hold politically correct beliefs that prevail, you are not held accountable for saying something stupid.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Trump Gets Punchy with "Raging Bull" Robert De Niro

On the eve of the US-North Korea Summit in Singapore, actor Robert De Niro used his platform introducing "The Boss" Bruce Springsteen at the Tony Awards to hurl vulgar invectives at President Donald Trump

Although this crude message garnered standing ovations from the elites gathered at Radio City Musical Hall, it further alienated many prospective Trump fans as chronicled in Salena Zito's book "The Great Revolt" (2018).   Liberal operatives in the mainstream media also cringed at De Niro's raging B.S. as the over the top attack bolstered Trump's brand.

Now that the Singapore Summit ended in seeming success, President Trump can turn to domestic detractors and put them in their places in his own inimitable way.  On Air Force One, Trump took to Twitter to troll De Niro using the conceit of playing the punch drunk Jake DeMont from the 1980 Academy Award winning film Raging Bull.

Donald Trump's counter punch to Robert De Niro's Raging Bull

No doubt this will stoke additional enmity from De Niro.  De Niro's had Trump Derangement Syndrome for quite a while. In addition, De Niro seems stuck on character acting like Dirty Grandpa

But a tete-a-tete with De Niro is much like the NFL Take The Knee issue for Mr. Trump.  It is a cultural issue that reaches audiences who may be otherwise apathetic to politics.  The curt counter-punches feeds Trump trolls who itch for politically incorrect imbroglios but is witty enough to also reach red blooded and blue collar voters who recoil at progressive filth.  

On Detente with Dictatorships and Double Standards

Senator Marco Rubio on the Singapore Summit and Double Standards

Paul Ryan on the Singapore Summit

House Speaker Paul Ryan on the Singapore Summit

Ben Shapiro on the Singapore Summit

Ben Shapiro on the Singapore Summit with North Korea

Donald Trump on North Korea Real Estate Development

President Donald Trump extols North Korean beaches during Singapore Summit

Dennis Rodman on the Singapore Summit

Dennis Rodman on the Singapore Summit

Friday, June 8, 2018

Charles Krauthammer on Understanding the District of Calamity

Charles Krauthammer, the renowned conservative commentator, has not been seen on Fox News in ten months.  Viewers knew it it was for health reasons.  But today, Krauthammer released a letter to bid all farewell.  It seems that as he was on the verge of recovery from abdominal cancer surgery last October,  the cancer returned and he may only have a few weeks to live.

In this letter, Krauthammer graciously thanked his colleagues, viewers and readers hoping that he played a small role in conversations that help guide our nation's extraordinary destiny.

Honoring Krauthammer's wit and wisdom, it is worth savoring this pearl on how to understand Washington.

Charles Krauthammer on Understanding Washington

Although Krauthammer does not hold religious convictions, it has been a blessing to have him be a thoughtful conservative commentator for decades after initially serving as Vice President Mondale's (D-MN) speechwriter.  

RIP Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain on Humility
Celebrity chef and tv personality Anthony Bourdain, took his own life by hanging himself while on location filming for his CNN show "Parts Unknown" in Paris.  He was 61.

Bourdain was had a checkered past as he worked his way through the New York luxury restaurant scene. Bourdain had to overcome addiction to cocaine, LSD and heroin.  Bourdain quipped that before his first book, Kitchen Confidential, was published in 2000, he was a guy in his 40s who had never paid rent on time, owed ten years of taxes and did not own a piece of furniture. Between his books and food shows, Bourdain's fortunes changed and he amassed a personal wealth of $16 million.

Bourdain's books, Kitchen Confidential (2000) led to a Food TV series A Cooks Tour in 2002 that vaulted him into celebrity chef status.  Bourdain then jumped to the Travel Network for his iconic series No Reservations in 2005, which included a warning for graphic language. 

In 2013, Bourdain began his series "Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown" which linked culture with cuisine.  The show won the Peabody Award in 2013 as judges noted that Bourdain expanded our palates and horizons in equal measure. 

While Bourdain traveled the world in search of a good meal, he appreciated how Asian American influence was shaping contemporary American cuisine.  Bourdain also noted that the fact that 50% of Toronto's residents are not from Canada gives it strength for interesting food. 

One can intuit that Bourdain agreed with his observations about Italian, Spanish, Vietnamese and Chinese food culture:  "[They] see food as part of a larger, more essential and pleasurable part of daily life. Not as an experience to be collected or bragged about- or as a ritual like filling up a car - but as something else that gives pleasure, like sex or music, or a good nap in the afternoon." 

Despite his prominence on the culinary circuit, Bourdain was not reticent to criticize fellow celebrity chefs such as Paula Dean, Rachel Ray and Bobby Flay. The Smithsonian dubbed Bourdain a rock star of the culinary world and the Elvis of bad boy chefs.    Notwithstanding that articulated antipathy, many celebrity chefs had no reservations in expressing stunned condolences at Bourdain's passing.

Sadly, Bourdain's apparent suicide moots his daydream of retirement: "I'm definitely looking forward to the day when I stop working - if I ever stop working.  I like the idea of kneeling over in my tomato vines in Sardinia or northern Italy." 

Dan Bongino on John Brennan

Dan Bongino on John Brennan

Thursday, June 7, 2018

On Samantha Bee's Feckless Apology

As TBS Full Frontal comedienne Samantha Bee returned to television after attacking President Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump with obscene epithets and inappropriate innuendo, she offered an apology of sorts.

Samantha Bee's feckless apology about using an eptithet about Ivanka Trump

What a feckless Bee! Well, it was not much of an apology.  It was one of the "To those who might be offended" kind of regret.  Moreover, in this feckless mea culpa, Bee sought to justify using "the C-word" as a feminist way to reclaim the Anglo Saxon four letter word.  

The problem with Bee's BS expression of regret is that it ignores the context.  Many focus on the crudity of the "C word".  But Bee suggested that President Trump's daughter put on something tight and talk some sense into him because he listens to her.  This was uttered with a lurid archival photo in the background.  Incest innuendo- check.  Woman manipulating horny man insinuation -check mate?

Bee's insistence that she was trying to reclaim the "C word" is undermined by implying that Ivanka should use her feminine wiles to bend the will of her creepy father.  This may be pushing the bounds for an edgy comedienne and comedy isn't pretty.  But Bee still wants to be taken seriously on public policy, as her regret was taking attention away from the plight of illegal immigrant infants being separated from their mothers.  Sure.

I find it dubious that Samantha Bee and staff was truly sorry about insulting Ivanka Trump or crossing a line as it gave them so much publicity.  Full Frontal is a little watched late night comedy show which may be pulled off the air if it loses any more sponsors.  

What is culturally concerning is the progressive lack of civility combined with collective Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Politically correct panjandrums pontificate that it was acceptable for Bee to use the "C word" because she is of that class and is reclaiming a now pejorative phrase, while being blind to how much of America is revolted.

We live in a culture of outrage. Democrats have sought to maximize outrage to create a blue wave for the midterm elections.  One of the ways to do that is to use cultural levers to stoke up the bile. 

Alas, this is wasteful (sic) because it only appeals to true believers while alienating independents and traditional blue collar Democrats.  It is dubious that outrageous obscene attacks and feckless apologies will turn the tide and the blue wave might be down the drain like the  tidy bowl man. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Democrat Demagogue and Double Standards on Immunity

At the height of Russian Collusion delusion, Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA 15th) was almost an omnipresent figure on cable television.  When rumors that immunity would be given to those alleged to be involved in Russiagate, Swalwell repeatedly demagogued: "Innocent people do not ask for immunity!"

Just before the DOJ Inspector General  David Horowitz publicly releases a report about the Clinton Email coverups, fired Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe has reportedly asked for immunity in order to testify before Congress.

Wonder if Swalwell will invoke the diurnal Democrat double standard about innocence and immunity?  

The Oprah on Bias and Leave It to Beaver

Oprah Winfrey on bias and Leave It to Beaver

Franklin Roosevelt on D-Day

World War II President Franklin Roosevelt on D-Day

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

On Giving the Lone Eagles Salute to White House Honors

It has been a long standing tradition that winners of national sports championships are invited to the White House to be feted.

The Philadelphia Eagles won their first Super Bowl championship in 52 years in the NFL by beating the New England Patriots.  The underdog Eagles were slated to visit the White House but the event was cancelled when only nine of seventy team personnel were confirmed to visit the South Lawn ceremony, again dragging politics unto the sports field.

While it is true that no Philadelphia Eagles players Took the Knee during the Francis Scott Key Star Spangled Banner, some players raised their fists, akin to the Black Power salute during the 1968 Summer Olympics.  But by skipping the White House honors was intended as a progressive protest against the winner of the 2016 Presidential election, President Donald J. Trump.

Lest one excuse their absences from the White House ceremonies as not just flipping the bird at President Trump, consider the invitation by the Mayor Jim Kenney (D-Philadelphia) to visit Philadelphia City Hall for alternative honors.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney on Donald Trump disinviting the Philadelphia Eagles from visiting the White House for winning the Super Bowl

President Trump reacted to the Philadelphia Eagles recalcitrance to attend the White House ceremonies, so he disinvited the NFL championship ceremony and in its stead opted for a patriotic pep rally.

The NFL recently changing their rules to require players on the field to stand for the National Anthem (but allowing them to stay in their locker rooms) to mitigate the mire that has been festering since Colin Kaepernick started protests during the National Anthem in 2016. Ratings for the NFL have significantly dipped since the National Anthem protests.  Moreover, President Trump has often weighed in to support respecting civic rituals which honor our nation as embodied in the National Anthem.

Clearly the NFL owners made a business decision, but it mirrors the wishes of many erstwhile pro football fans to have an avocation away from polemic politics. Alas, the progressive instinct is to politicize everything.  There are rumors that some NFL players are saying that they will sit out the 2018 season until Colin Kaepernick is signed as a quarterback and is not penalized for taking his knee during the National Anthem. It is a pity that the Philadelphia Eagles organization used South Lawn ceremony as another extension of partisan warfare by trying to give President Trump the Lone Eagle salute.  But this allowed the populist President to counter-punch and reinforce values which appeal to many coalitions of new Republican voters as part of the Great Revolt.

Friday, June 1, 2018

On Really Really Not Liking Sally Field

On Sally Fields doubling down on Samantha Bee's vulgarity regarding Ivanka Trump

As the public dealt with "comedienne" Samantha Bee referring to Ivanka Trump as a crude name for female genitalia, Hollyweird got into the game to further Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Sally Field, who won notoriety playing "The Flying Nun" (1967-70), chimed into to controversy with a Tweet which doubled down on the insult and embraces the obscenity as emblematic of "The Resistance".  Maybe we'll excuse it as still battling against the clean image typecasting of Gidget and The Flying Nun fifty years ago.

Field was famous for emoting "You like me" when accepting the 1984 Best Actress Oscar for "Places in the Heart".

 That speech was premised on the fact that Ms. Field really really wanted respect.  Rest assured, aside from her  looney left politics we really, really don't like you if this is the way that a celebutard like feels entitled to act.

John Boehner on the GOP

Ex Republican House Speaker John Boehner on the GOP