Saturday, April 30, 2016

W.C. Fields on Drinking

W.C. Fields on Drinking

Chewing on Social Cannibalism

Robert LeFevre on Cannibalism

We like to think of ourselves as being so civilized and sophisticated.  Yet progressive America continues to champion abortion on demand, in which proponents can not even own up to taking a human life as they claim to protect womens' reproductive freedom.

In the 2016 political cycle, Senator Bernie Sanders (Socialist-VT) has excited young progressives who would sympathized with Occupy Wall Street's targeting of "the 1%" in pursuit of free college, free health care etc. without producing anything.  In essence, it is an "Eat the Rich" mentality. 

Some Soylent Green anyone?

Friday, April 29, 2016

Cruz Manifestly Slams Communism at Campaign Stop

Ted Cruz on the Communist Manifesto

During a campaign event in Elkhart, Indiana, a student asked Republican Presidential hopeful Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) to sign his "economics textbook".  Cruz obliged but noted that the tome was the "Communist Manifesto" by Karl Marx.

Rather than call out thugs to make the disrupter disappear, Cruz made his point through a clever signing statement. WSBT cameras covered how Cruz noted how millions suffered because of this economic ideology and how it impacted his family's history.  Cruz then thanked the student for coming to the event.

This is a much different tact than seems to occur at Trump rallies.  It is not just the Trump riot in Santa Cruz, California.  It seems that pugnaciousness is encouraged and dissent is not tolerated at in the Trump rump.

This is not the first time that Cruz has engaged with opposition in his audience to his advtange.  Last July, Code Pink crashed a rally against the Iran Deal in Lafayette Park near the White House.  Instead of shouting down the opposition or folding the tent, Cruz lent the microphone to Medea Benajamin and other Pink protester to engage with them on their points, rather than staged talking points. But naturally that does not make the news, because the Lamestream Media would rather cover such vital stories as Cruz refers to basketball rings in Indiana.

On Boehner's Diabolic Diatribe Against Cruz

John Boehner's Diabolic Diatribe Against Ted Cruz

When speaking before an audience in Stanford University,  ex Speaker of the House John Boehner excoriated Republican Presidential hopeful Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) by calling him an SOB and comparing him with the Prince of Darkness.  While at the same time, Boehner admitted that he was a texting and golfing buddy of GOP Presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

Delving deeper into this devilish diatribe, it is easy to understand Boehner's bad-mouthng comes as no surprise.

Boehner was a quintessential Cocktail Party Republican.  Boehner first joined the House in 1991 so he had an establishment bent,, albeit not to personally include earmarks. By the time Boehner ascended into leadership roles for House Republicans, the party's power waned so it was important to go along to get along. This modus operendi was complicated by the advent of the Tea Party, which wanted to have constitutional rule of law, smaller government and fighting for your principles.

In September 2013, Senator Ted Cruz gave a 21 hour filibuster to fight for Obamacare changes in the Continuing Resolution.  Boehner bristled at the resulting government shutdown but spun it to point out that the Obama Administration would not compromise.

The reality is that Cruz exposed the game.  Boehner wanted to usher in a Continuing Resolution which might have some limitations to Obamacare, but when it would be excised in Conference Committee before going to President Obama, Boehner could confidentially vote against the CR and claim that he fought for conservative principles. In essence, Boehner was willing to feign fighting without giving a flying flip about winning but then embrace compromise as a part of politics.

The other admission that the former Speaker made was that Boehner was a texting and golf buddy of the Donald. Washington Post Congressional reporter Paul Kane assessed that Boehner was ousted as Speaker by House Conservatives who: "a country club Republican who loved to play 18 holes of golf and drink merlot afterward while cutting deals." So someone who loved to cut deals amongst the establishment in the Cocktail Party would naturally recoil against a confrontational style of upstarts like Cruz who are principled and willing to fight.

Although Trump's over the top rhetoric during the campaign contrasts with Boehner's generally easy-going style, both relish in deal making, especially with the establishment. While in Congress, Boehner chaffed at inserting earmarks.  It will be curious if that resolution holds when former Members are allowed to lobby their former fellow lawmakers. Of course, Boehner may enjoy hitting the links at Doral Park. Maybe Boehner can improve his orange complexion along with Trump.

Franklin Graham on Transgendered Bathrooms and Going Back to God

Franklin Graham on Transgendered Bathrooms and Going Back to God

Bobby Knight on Conservatives

Bobby Knight on Conservatives

No wonder why legendary Indiana Hoosier men's basketball coach Bobby Knight was happy to endorse Donald Trump for President.   

His incoherence with conservatism along with railing against the rules and a mercurial mindset makes this a perfect match.  

H.L. Mencken on Frauds

H.L. Mencken on Frauds

Friday, April 22, 2016

Senior Trump Aide Paul Manafort Reveals to RNC that Trump is Just Playing a Part Onstage

Paul Manafort Wooing RNC Saying Trump Projects an Image Onstage

One of the virtues which Manhattan mogul Donald Trump has capitalized upon to become the front-runner in the 2016 Republican Presidential race is a perception that the blustery billionaire "tells it like it is".  Even Mark Cuban, who has had some public dust ups with the Donald, has praised Trump for giving honest answers instead of prepared answers.

Well, this straight shooting image has been impeached by a Trump Senior Aide as he wooed the RNC Rules Committee in Florida.  Paul Manafort, Trump 2016's recently named Convention Manager, told the GOP party establishment that during Phase One of the campaign, Trump is projecting an image one stage to appeal to voters. But that his image will change and a softer-side will come out.

After Trump convincingly won the New York Primary, it seems that he thought that the Trump campaign tried to implement Phase Two with a revealing NBC Today Show Townhall, in which Trump vowed to raise taxes on the rich (including himself), change the RNC Pro Life platform to make exceptions (which would please his friends at Planned Parenthood) and Trump urged North Carolina to accept Transgenders Bathrooms (because it was hurting business and not a problem).

Towards the Transgender topic, there was a firestorm on social media, and Trump relented during another friendly interview with Fox News' Sean Hannity, in which Trump clarified that he believed in States' Rights. Perhaps they implemented Phase Two too soon.  Such much for a candidate to tells it like it is and does not pander to anyone.

Trump  supporters seem imbued with anger about the establishment and politicians lying to them.  This probably explains Trump's mantra against "Lyin'" Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and the new sobriquet against "Crooked" Hillary Clinton (D-NY). Trump's flip flop on transgenders in bathrooms challenges his projected anti-politically correct image as well as the perception that he stands firm. Those mesmerized in the Trump cult probably will believe whatever Trump tells them today, but it plays poorly in expanding his base, particularly for the general election.

Thoughtful primary voters have wondered about Trump's pro-life conversion.  Trump took three purportedly pro-life positions in one afternoon, including the modest proposal of punishing the aborting mother, sound like a pro-life parody from Planned Parenthood.  It was bad enough that Trump settled on the status quo, but the Trump Today Townhall creates a loophole so large that it threatens abortion on demand until parturition. Pro Lifers probably were not already keen on Trump but his vacillation on an issue of monumental proportion for the last 44 years does not project an image of thoughtfulness or stability.

As for Paul Manafort, his claim to fame was helping wrangle up delegates for President Ford in the quasi-contested 1976 convention in Kansas City.   Manafort seems to have pushed Corey Lewandowsky back to being Trump's body man (a role he relished regarding manhandling Michelle Fields). Manafort managed to keep Trump tame on social media for a fortnight and temporarily curtail insulting opponents.

But Manafort's style may be anachronistic. Forty years ago, it would have been easy to lobby the RNC's meeting without being noticed.  But when there are diffuse information platforms which reach millions at the touch of a button, this pandering would not go unnoticed.  Of course, smart phones make any off-the-record chats suspect. So Manafort's revelations were not to remain secret long.

Wooing waivering delegates may be more complicated than in the '76 campaign. If Trump needs to win more than two score of delegates for a first round victory, he does not have as much leeway as President Ford to shower favors on waivering support, as nice as golfing at Mar-a-Lago may be.  Hugh Hewitt has pointed out Paul Manafort's relative dearth of twitter contacts.  So who cares?  Well, during a contested convention in an information age when a campaign may have to immediately reach out to 2474 delegates, not being Twitter savvy is a liability.

As Manafort joined the Trump organization, a desperate plea was sent out to allies in Washington to register to become delegates.  Two problems with that missive. Firstly it was sent to Washington DC prospective delegates (which held its Caucus on March 12th) instead of Washington state.  Secondly, the email was sent the day after the deadline. Oops.

While it is unclear how much input Manafort had on Trump's decision to spend $20 million between now and the California primary on June 7th, it seems like a spending strategy from yesteryear.  As Jeb! learned in this cycle, dumping a ton of money with carpet bombing commercials may not nudge the needle up.  Trump recently hired a California campaign point person two months before the crucial Golden State primary.  Cruz has been working those fields for a year.  So earned media from friendly sites (like Fox News, Breitbart and Drudge et ali) and profligate paid media may help grease the skids but it does nothing to Get Out the Vote via organization.

Not to mention Paul Manafort experience as being a Washington lobbyist, who has some uncomfortable Saudi, Pakistani and Russian mob connections. Lobbying for foreign interests may be lucrative and par for the course for established Washington insiders, but it runs counter to a Populist, anti-establishment "Throw the bums out" mantra to "Make America Great Again".  Moreover, Manafort's cozying up to the GOP Establishment and claiming that Trump is just doing a schtick in Phase One of the campaign obliterates the aura of authenticity.

Manifort may be heralding Trump 2.0 but based on the recipe formulation, it may go over like New Coke, with customers yearning for "The Real Thing".

ESPN Cans Curt Schilling Over Transgendered Bathroom Tweet

ESPN fired former Major League Baseball star pitcher and TV Color Commentator Curt Schilling because of sharing a meme on transgender bathrooms on Twitter.

Disney owned ESPN insisted that the company was dedicated to inclusiveness, so it terminated someone with a view which different from the current politically correct line.  It is intriguing that Disney owned ABC Good Morning America report blurred out the image of a transvestite who would have been eligible to use whatever bathroom which he/she/zei felt like using.  It seems that the ideals of diversity and inclusiveness can not be particularized in a reductio ad abusurdum.

This was not Schilling's first run in with social media PR challenges.  A couple of years ago, Schilling went on attack mode against a Twitter troll who sexually harassed his daughter  sparked by congratulations over admission to Salve Regina University.

Later in 2015, Schilling was suspended from covering the Little League World Series for sharing a controversial tweet which compared Muslim "population infiltration" with Nazis.

There seems to be an academic and corporate corporate push to be intolerant towards "ciscentrism" and those who do not acquiesce to "the new normal" regarding self designated transgendered bathroom fluidity. It is dubious if ESPN would punish an employee for sharing progressive political memes.

Bruce Springsteen, et ali, have forgone concerts in North Carolina while the Bathroom Law is in effect. The NBA has threatened to pull the All Star game unless the Tar Heel State relents on traditional notions that those with male genetalia should not evacuate their excrement around little girls. During a NBC Today Townhall meeting, Manhattan mogul Donald Trump insisted that just not worrying about transgenders using whatever bathroom they like is no problem.

From its inception, DC-Jockularity recognized the convergence of sports and public policy.  ESPN's aggressive application of standards reinforces the idea that ABC/Disney/ESPN is a progressive entity which pushes its agenda even unto sports coverage and will not brook dissent.

George Carlin on Political Correctness

George Carlin on Political Correctness

Bill Vaughan on Suburbia

Bill Vaughan on Suburbia

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Playing the Trump Card on Political Correctness

Ben Shapiro on Donald Trump and Political Correctness

During a revealing NBC Today Show Townhall, Republican Presidential front-runner Donald Trump commented about the North Carolina Bathroom Bill, which in most circumstances prohibits men who claim to be transsexual to use the womens' bathroom.

Trump's concern seemed to be that Tarheel State businesses are suffering from the LGBTQQ? inspired boycott, which has allowed artists like Bruce Springsteen to choose not to perform in North Carolina

Trump mused that allowing men to urinate in women designated bathrooms is fine because it does not cause problems, which echoes current politically correct sentiments. It seems in Trump's weltanschauung Obviously, celebrities have more rights than bakers, pizza makers,  photographers and wedding planners to exercise their First Amendment right of Religious Liberty.

In the same townhall, Trump opined that he would change the longstanding Republican National platform plank about opposing abortion in all circumstances.  This is yet another abortion position as several weeks ago Trump took three allegedly pro-life positions in one day then later settled on a position to maintain the status quo, as he praised the virtues of Planned Parenthood for womens' health issues.

One of the virtues of the Trump campaign is an appeal to political incorrectness as the angry silent majority is tired to caving to progressive PC whims.  Trump will say outrageous things which his fanatical following will excuse as just being politically incorrect.  Well, Trump's New York Values seem to be shining through  and his anti-PC schtick is losing its cover. 

Surely the voters in Pennsylvania and Indiana should take a measure of Trump's character and discern if it aligns with their values.  However, there is little doubt that Trump supporters will follow the flip flop and vigorously promote the line of the day from their dear leader. 

Thomas Edison on Worth

Thomas Edison on Worth

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Donald Trump on Showbiz and Politics

Donald Trump on Showbiz and Politics

Trump's trenchant comments about a boring convention is only true if he does not lock up 1,237 delegate votes in Cleveland. Otherwise, it is dubious that a contested convention would be so somnolent.

Biden Bristles at Goofy Uncle Joe Sobriquet

Joe Biden Bristles at Goofy Uncle Joe Label

So Vice President Biden bristles at the Goofy Uncle Joe nickname.  Can you blame him? Can you blame the American people for dismissing the President of Vice's (sic) inpolitic teasing,  too-close-to-home "jokes", odd gestures,  maniacal mirth, his numerous gaffes, his coarse cheerleading and creepy chatter at ceremonial swearing in as just Goofy Uncle Joe?

It was interesting that CNBC ran a Biden puff piece at this time.  It seems a bit early for an Obama era overview.  The lead in to the interview noting how other recent Vice Presidents have been labeled dumb or evil geniuses seemed to carry water for Biden's goofy public perception. 

Hidden in the piece were boasting that he could beat the loyal opposition and that his favorable ratings are better than Democrat front runner Hillary Clinton.

Some political participants have worried that the Republican Nomination system is rigged and that the Establishment wants to replace the candidate.  This CNBC piece may be proffering a premise that Biden is a Democrat replacement candidate in case there is a glitch in the otherwise expected Hillary coronation nomination.

The FBI continues their probe into the Clinton Emails and may start to squeeze those close to Hillary's inner circle (e.g. Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills).  If the FBI recommends prosecutions of Hillary aides, this will be difficult to brush off as a politcal witch hunt, even if the DOJ decides  nolle prosequi.  

Hillary has also had several coughing jags, which calls into question her health. 

If in the event Hillary chooses not to stand for election (or is convinced to do so for the good of the party), Democrats will need to plug in somebody.  That could well be Joe Biden. 

It may seem stranger than fiction but a year ago who would have thought that a Manhattan real estate mogul turned reality show host may be a major party nominee for President.  Or that a 74 year old Socialist would give Hillary Clinton a primary run for her money for the Democrat nomination? This is a strange election cycle so anything could happen.

Obama Solicitor General's Logic on Immigration Non-Enforcement

US Solicitor General on Immigration Lawful Non-Enforcement

Herbert Simon on Information Overload

Herbert Simon on Too Much Information

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Peter King's Primary Cruz Contingency Plan

Peter King vows to take cyanide if Ted Cruz wins nomination

On the day of the New York Primary, Representative Peter King (R-NY 2nd) had an interesting interview with MSNBC's Joe Scarborough.  As the host jocularly joked that Rep. King was Republican Presidential hopeful Senator Ted Cruz's (R-TX) Long Island campaign chair, the crotchety Congressmen set to disabuse Scarborough of this impression.

King vented his verjuice against the Tea Party inspired Constitutionalist candidate by vowing to take cyanide if Senator Cruz gets the nomination.

Wags like conservative commentator Ben Shapiro opined tongue in cheek that this was the best rationale for voting for Cruz.

This is not the first time that Peter King has let loose on Cruz.  King went vitriolic on Cruz in January when Cruz noted liberal New York Values

Jackie Robinson on Respect

Planned Parenthood Chief's Fowl Analogy of Ted Cruz

Cecile Richards on Ted Cruz

In stumping for Hillary Clinton's run for Democrat nomination for President, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards made a fowl analogy about Republican Presidential hopeful Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). 

Such attacks against Cruz coming from an abortuary activist like Cecile Richards is not unexpected, as the Senator Cruz  has an outspoken pro-life position.  It is dubious if she would attack Republican front-runner Donald Trump, who still lauds the work of Planned Parenthood, while espousing a variety of supposed pro-life positions but who finished by supporting the status quo. 

What is interesting is Cecile Richards' choice of a fast food analogy to justify her position.

The Center for Medical Progress' series of expose videos featuring various Planned Parenthood apparently selling baby body parts. 

While the KFC quip may have been coarsely cute and a chip off of her mom's (former Texas Gov. Ann Richards D-TX) block, depicting your clients as chickens to be processed does no favors for feminists nor prospective pro-choice clients.

Three years ago, the grizzly details of the Kermit Gosnell trial came to light in Philadelphia, where the abortion doctor ran an unsafe and unsanitary late term abortion clinic targeting poor and minority women.  Gosnell was convicted of three counts of first degree murder along with one count of unsanitary manslaughter and sentenced to life without parole plus thirty years.

Some might wonder why the Gosnell horror show was invoked regarding Cecile Richard's scoring political points against Cruz.  Well, Richard's metaphor reveals the low regard she has for the women she's supposedly serving, just as Gosnell did.  And that's not just chicken stuff. 

James Carville on Politics

James Carville on Politics

Friday, April 15, 2016

Donald Trump on the World Trade Center and New York Values

Donald Trump on the World Trade Center

In this interview from German Television with Manhattan Mogul Donald Trump on September 13, 2001, Donald Trump admits that none of his properties were seriously affected by the 9/11 terror attack.

Yet Trump procured $150,00 from 9/11 recovery funds that were earmarked for small businesses in the aftermath of the collapse of the Twin Towers. 

That sounds like the New York Values which Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) chided during the Republican primaries as Mr. Trump wrapped himself around the heroic sacrifices Ground Zero first responders displayed after the 9/11 terror attack.

Al Sharpton on History

Al Sharpton on White History

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Trump's Cites Key Personal Scriptural Passage: An Eye for an Eye

Donald Trump's Favorite Bible Verse Eye for an Eye

In a telling interview with a Rochester, New York radio station, Republican Presidential front-runner Donald Trump revealed the Bible passage which has most informed his thinking-- An Eye for an Eye.

Naturally,  Mr Trump did not spew out the exact scriptural reference, so for all he knew it was the Code of Hammurabi instead of the Book of  Levitucus 24:19-21.   It's not exactly something that one would hear about from Two Corinthians (sic). Nor did Trump appreciate how St. Augustine marked it as a controversial passage showing the vengeful nature of the Old Testament. 

An eye for an eye is known as the Lex Taliones (Latin for Law of the Talon)  for a law of retaliation which today has particular relevance in tort law, for translating non-economic losses into money.

Considering Trump's public persona, which craves flattery but lashes out when others' oppose him and his persistent pugilism, Trump's memory verse rings true.  Trump's candid scriptural citation certainly peers into what burnishes his soul. 

Elections certainly ought to be about vetting ideas of how to govern the polity.  But they can also act as a measure of a man's character.  To install a leader of the free world who swears by lex taliones may make being a pirate commonplace.

Cavaet emptor. 

Trump's Penn State Pandering

While at a campaign event in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,  Republican Presidential front-runner Donald Trump confused the crowd of 8,000 by suggesting to bring Joe Paterno back.

Many mock Trump's entreaty, implying that the Manhattan mogul did not know that the legendary former Penn State football coach had been dead for nearly four years, after being ousted in the wake of the Assistant Coach Sandusky pedophilia scandal.  What was more likely is that Trump was referring to the statue of Paterno, which was unceremoniously removed from exterior of Beaver Stadium in University Park.

What was remarkable was how disjointed and desultory that Donald Trump sounded even when reading from prepared remarks. In addition, Trump types are proud that their leader would be beholden to no special interest.  Yet the pathetic Paterno pleading before Keystone voters right before the Pennsylvania primary belies that brag. 

Rudy Giuliani on Donald Trump

Rudy Giuliani on Donald Trump

Ludwig Wittgenstein on Language

Ludwig Wittgenstein on Language