Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Trump Trashes Caucus System

On the eve of the Nevada Caucuses, in which Republican hopeful Donald Trump is polling with a substantial lead, the Manhattan Mogul cast some doubtful aspersions on the Caucus system. 

Trump told Hugh Hewitt that he does not think that the Caucus system is a good one. It seems Trump is afraid that a low information voter's mind might be changed by debate and persuasion.  

It goes unsaid, but the Caucus process might require some extra time for participants to perform their civic duty, which might dissuade some new caucus participants.  

In the back of Trump's mind might be the inconvenient truth that he underperformed in the Iowa Caucuses, where he came in second despite leading in pre-Caucus polling. 

The polls for Nevada are sketchy, often consisting of 240 or so likely participants so a twenty point margin might evaporate when people go to Caucus.

Of course, downplaying expectations is a customary procedure for a political professional, so it is no surprise that Trump does so too.  But Trump positioned himself to ignore the results if he does not come out on top but claim success if he does. 

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