Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Trump Confuses Obama with Carson

According to Politico,  Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump repeatedly confused the names of Dr. Ben Carson with President Barack Obama while at a South Carolina rally.

Trump echoed a favorite attack which supposedly champions Ben Carson's case that he was "cheated" by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) in the Iowa Caucuses.  However, in this instance, he kept inserting the name Obama.

Trump's crowd corrected him and this one one time that the Donald did not double down on a mistake and he quickly corrected himself on the stump, yet the Manhattan mogul slipped up again.

In the swing of the primary fight, campaigning for President is exhausting. It is understandable that one might make a verbal miscue, especially with names that sound alike.  Even former Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) would interpolate Obama's name with Osama bin Laden, despite his eventual strong support of  Obama's Presidential campaign.. But such a faux pas is  premised on a something that seem alike--by sound, character or sight.

How on earth could Trump associate Barack Obama with Dr. Ben Carson? That's a yuuyge (sic) mistake. It seems that Carson has made quite an impression on his newest, best buddy Donald Trump.

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