Thursday, February 4, 2016

Cruz Decimates Dirty Trick Charge

In the wake of losing the Iowa Caucuses, Republican Presidential hopefuls Dr. Ben Carson and Donald Trump have been making hay about an alleged dirty trick in Iowa.  The some operatives in the Sen. Cruz (R-TX) campaign as well as Sen. Rubio (R-FL) grassroots activists passed along the information that Carson was going off the campaign trail and would be making a big announcement.

While Senator Cruz did make a public apology that his staff did not pass along subsequent media reports that Carson was just going off the campaign trail to fly to Florida for a change of clothes, this was insufficient for Dr. Carson who wanted heads to roll in the Cruz campaign.

Trump has gone so far as to declare himself the real winner of the Hawkeye Cauci and demanded a do-over to make things right.

When pressed to answer for this campaign tactic, Cruz answered by impeaching the press.

Will this inconvenient truth quash the ersatz controversy.  Of course not.  

Dr. Carson is getting more media spots in the last couple of days to build his brand then he has received in weeks.  Mr. Trump regains the media circus spotlight while establishing a potential charge that the Republicans treated him unfairly, so he would be justified to run a third party campaign.  The Republican establishment will be happy to sully Cruz as his platform threatens the Cocktail Party business as usual.  And the media loves a Republican food fight, especially since it draws attention away from the fledgling campaign of Democrat First Lady/Senator/Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (D-NY)

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