Tuesday, February 16, 2016

On Politicians and Profanity

Senator Ted Cruz Rebukes Donald Trump's Foul Mouthed Campaigning

Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has successfully generating lots of earned media coverage by being a bombastic loose cannon who may launch an "F" bomb at any time.  This may thrill those Trump supporters who are always spoiling for a down and dirty fight and who abhor political correctness, but it has also driven Trumps unfavorable rating  to over 60%.

This circus campaign strategy worked well before voters started casting ballots.  But as the race became serious and is focused in the Bible Belt, this boorish bluster does not play so well.  

In fact, Trump promised not to use foul language on the campaign trail.  This promise lasted about twenty minutes, as Trump relapsed into crass asides later in the same speech.

An MSNBC Focus Group in  South Carolina  had participants visibly cringe at Trump's profane presentations.

Opponents are eager to capitalize on this Trump shortcoming.  Thus, Ted Cruz opined: "It is not a good thing if parents would be embarrassed to have their children repeating the President."  Last week, the Cruz campaign released a video ostensively  about "Eminent Domain", but the puerile playtime imitating Trump with chagrined parents watching reinforced themes rebuking crass campaigning, which certainly would include profane politicians

If polls are to be believed five days before the South Carolina primary, Trump has a commanding 20% lead.  But one needs to parse political polling to discern its true worth.  And South Carolina has a history of making sudden shifts at the last minute.

The Republican South Carolina primary will be held on Saturday Feburary 20th 2016.

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