Friday, February 19, 2016

Tool Time: Kasich A Republican Democrats Would Like

Tim Allen on John Kasich

Tim Allen, the star of Home Improvements and Last Man Standing, is one of the relatively few outspoken Republicans in Hollywood. Allen recently skewered the Clinton's as something from which American just can't get away. 

When interviewed on Fox New's The Kelly File, Allen offered some serious remarks regarding the Republican Presidential primary campaign.  The analogy that Governor John Kasich (R-OH)  is a Republican that Democrats would [almost] like will be tested tomorrow in the South Carolina Primary.  

It is dubious that there will be many crossover votes for Kasich, considering the populist appeal for Trump-eteers and the close nature of the Democrat's South Carolina Primary on February 27th.   

Despite Kasich picking up endorsements from two prominent South Carolina's newspapers, I suspect that Allen's offhanded endorsement may be the kiss of death for the Ohio Governor in the Palmetto State.  Nevertheless, I would not suspect that Kasich would drop out before March 15th, when the winner take all Ohio primary occurs.  Maybe a favorite son candidate like Kasich could win 99 delegates.  This would help him if there is actually a constested convention for the Republicans in Cleveland.

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