Thursday, February 4, 2016

Ben Carson Fires 50% of Campaign Staff

Much of the news cycle in the wake of the Iowa Caucuses has been the allegation by GOP presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson that his campaign was harmed by an alleged "dirty trick" by the campaign of Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).

The unforgivable sin was Cruz grassroots operatives sharing CNN reports that Carson was not hustling to campaign in New Hampshire and South Carolina and might have a big announcement in the coming days.  This perception of a fledgling Carson campaign was compounded by a clarifying news release that Dr. Carson was flying home to Florida to get a change of clothes then heading off to Washington DC for the National Prayer Breakfast.

Dr. Carson has generated a bevy of television spots singling out front runner Senator Cruz (while ignoring the same "sins" from the Rubio campaign).  Carson has allowed his self proclaimed "good friend" Donald Trump (the same guy who compared Carson to a child molester) to use the kerfluffle as an excuse to invalidate the Iowa Caucus results and proclaim himself the winner of the Hawkeye Cauci.

Well, the rest of information which Carson spun as a "dirty trick" seems to have been confirmed.  Now Carson confidant Armstrong Williams announced that the Ben Carson campaign is firing 50% of its staff, supposedly to make it lean and mean to go the distance.

Might this move be because Carson SuperPAC and fund-raisers have been abandoning the campaign?  How about the resignation of Carson Campaign Manager Barry Bennett and Communication Director Doug Watts at the end of 2015?  Then there was the news of resignation of top Carson financial aide Dean Parker, who was reportedly pulling $20,000 a month for himself.

Perhaps Carson meeting polling projections of coming into a distant fourth place in the Iowa Caucuses killed his presidential chances?  Maybe Carson was able to give the bad news to his supporters after resting, praying and having a fresh suit. But at least Armstrong Williams will still be at Dr. Carson's side.

Carson has proclaimed with pride that he is not a typical politician. But Carson has done many things which  impeach the serious quality of his campaign.  Some have likened Carson's campaign as a promotion of his brand, since his campaign site links to his book site.  But the whiny nature of Carson's political persona demonstrated in debates and his conditional forgiveness may alienate him from conservatives and serious Christians.

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