Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Destroying Blackberry Alibis

As Congress investigated the Benghazi bungle, the House Select Committee subpoenaed then Obama Secretary of State and now Democrat Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton (D-NY) for her communication devices.  

The FBI's pre-Labor Day data dump included news that the FBI never received Secretary Clinton's eight State Department Blackberries. 

The FBI also sought five other mobile devices as part of the inquiry, but Mrs. Clinton's lawyers could not provide any of these devices.  One source indicates that two of Hillary's devices were destroyed by breaking them in half or by hammer.  That is a lot of trouble for emails about wedding dresses and Yoga. 

This seemed like another instance of Clinton stonewalling and obstruction of justice.  But the salient detail about destruction of the communication devices presented an opportunity for Hillary critics to put the hammer down.

Fox News personality and strong Trump supporter Judge Jeanine Pirro, used her "Street Justice" segment to put to a lie that it was easy to break Blackberries so as not to turn them over to the FBI or the DOJ.

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