Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Don King on Donald Trump

Don King on Donald Trump

In his continued outreach to Black voters, Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump (R-NY) visited a predominantly Black church in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.  Trump was introduced by boxing entrepreneur and former Celebrity Apprentice contestant Don King.

Don King's positioning as warm up for Trump at a Church was about as egregious as another Celebrity Apprentice alum, Mike Tyson.  King made some controversial soundbites in his introduction.

King certainly generated some attention to Trump's trip to the New Spirit Revival Center but it is uncertain if a star studded event will have a discernible effect on Election 2016. Trump is only polling at 3% among African American voters.  But the Obama electorate garnered heavy support from that constituency.  Mrs. Clinton has to hope that much of that historic support for the first Black President transfers to votes for the first woman President in key swing states like Ohio and Florida.

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