Friday, September 23, 2016

Chaffets: FBI Handed Out Immunity Like Candy

Representative Jason Chaffets (R-UT 3rd), the Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, expressed exasperation at trying to bring justice to the Clinton Email case. The news that Hillary Clinton's 25 year aide-de-camp Cheryl Mills allowed access to her computers only if federal investigators gave her immunity.  Chaffets quipped that immunity was being handed out like candy. 

House Oversight Chair Jason Chaffets chary about number of FBI immunity grants on Clinton Email case

Bryan Pagliano, the IT "expert" who Hillary turned to in order to dispose of her unwanted State Department emails, was granted immunity but refused to testify before Congress despite being subpoenaed. Immunity deals were also proffered to Clinton aide Heather Samuelson and then State Department Information Resource Management Director John Bethel.

Although it is little solace from those suffering from too many sweets, Uncle Sam ought to remember that too many candies rots the teeth, like the respect for the rule of law. 

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