Thursday, April 21, 2016

Playing the Trump Card on Political Correctness

Ben Shapiro on Donald Trump and Political Correctness

During a revealing NBC Today Show Townhall, Republican Presidential front-runner Donald Trump commented about the North Carolina Bathroom Bill, which in most circumstances prohibits men who claim to be transsexual to use the womens' bathroom.

Trump's concern seemed to be that Tarheel State businesses are suffering from the LGBTQQ? inspired boycott, which has allowed artists like Bruce Springsteen to choose not to perform in North Carolina

Trump mused that allowing men to urinate in women designated bathrooms is fine because it does not cause problems, which echoes current politically correct sentiments. It seems in Trump's weltanschauung Obviously, celebrities have more rights than bakers, pizza makers,  photographers and wedding planners to exercise their First Amendment right of Religious Liberty.

In the same townhall, Trump opined that he would change the longstanding Republican National platform plank about opposing abortion in all circumstances.  This is yet another abortion position as several weeks ago Trump took three allegedly pro-life positions in one day then later settled on a position to maintain the status quo, as he praised the virtues of Planned Parenthood for womens' health issues.

One of the virtues of the Trump campaign is an appeal to political incorrectness as the angry silent majority is tired to caving to progressive PC whims.  Trump will say outrageous things which his fanatical following will excuse as just being politically incorrect.  Well, Trump's New York Values seem to be shining through  and his anti-PC schtick is losing its cover. 

Surely the voters in Pennsylvania and Indiana should take a measure of Trump's character and discern if it aligns with their values.  However, there is little doubt that Trump supporters will follow the flip flop and vigorously promote the line of the day from their dear leader. 

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