Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Whine Is Something Best Served With Cheese

Republican Presidential front-runner Donald Trump has excused his lack of prowess in closing the deal on the primary race and not winning delegates in non-jungle primaries by claiming that the system is rigged.  To justify his shutout of 34 delegates in Colorado, Trump whined that Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) "cheated".

 Even Fox News's uber Trump apologist Sean Hannity stated that Cruz can not be faulted for knowing how to exploit the GOP delegate system as it exists. Still Trump took to the Fox and Friends to complain about the "unfair" delegate selection system.

What is telling is how diffident Trump sounds about things on the Republican side, as if he was not participating in the process, or that he was even a Republican.

Senator Cruz was working the Republican base in San Diego when he responded to Trump's charges by making an homophonetic double entendre on a classic California product: wine.

Ted Cruz on Donald Trump Whine

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