Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Barack Obama on the Paris Attacks

Barack Obama on the Paris Attacks

Firstly, Mr. Obama references universal values being under attack.  Radical Islamists on jihad certainly do not share liberal western values of humanity, freedom, pluralism and moral tolerance. So while it sounds noble to talk about universal values, it ain't necessarily so. Of course, like most other liberal Democrats, Mr. Obama seem incapable of uttering the phrase Radical Islam, especially since his 2012 U.N. Declaration that: "The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet Muhammad". 

Secondly, the current Commander-in-Chief's action statement is to work with other nations around the world to bring terrorists to justice.  Of course, rule by committee works so well in the United Nations General Assembly, doesn't it?  But more to the point, Mr. Obama pursues terrorist in a pre-911 manner that it is a law enforcement issue rather than as a national security/military matter.

To underscore what a lack of priority the Paris Attacks are to the occupier of the Oval Office, Mr. Obama showed up late for a moment of silence for the victims of the Paris Attacks during the G20 Summit.

Reacting to the irony that the Paris Attacks claimed by ISIS occurred on the same day that Mr. Obama appeared on television to claim that ISIS was under control, Dinesh D'Souza publicized a devastating accountability video.

At a time in which the world needs to show solidarity and resolve against the barbaric jihadist terrorism, Mr. Obama displays a lackluster, process driven, internationalist agenda which is premised on naive and narcissistic analyses. 

There are only 14 more months until a new President assumes office. Perhaps there will be a real leader then instead of someone who revels in the oxymoronic "leading from behind".

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