Wednesday, November 18, 2015

On Overseas Attacks and Exigent Immigration

Reacting to the coordinated November 13th ISIS attacks in Paris, Republicans have expressed a recalcitrance to take Syrian refugees without vigorous vetting.  Even after an hour and a half conference call  with the White House 27 Republican governors and one Democrat Governor still oppose Syrian Refugee resettlement in their states.

During an interview with Salem Radio's Hugh Hewitt, 2016 Republican Presidential hopeful Governor  Chris Christie (R-NJ) rejected a hypothetical of allowing for immigration of orphan children Syrian refugees into America.

While President Obama was overseas to attend the G20 Summit in Turkey, President Barack Obama mocked Republicans for not being open to the Syrian Refugee immigration.

It is curious how Republicans have been criticized for offering even the most benign criticism against the President while he is on foreign soil, but Mr. Obama exhibits no compunctions against insulting his enemy-- Republicans.

To this end, Senator Ted Cruz issued a throw down to the lame duck Chief Executive.

Senator Ted Cruz challenges President Barack Obama over overseas immigration insult

It would be fascinating to see a debate between a politician who was acclaimed as being an incredible orator (especially when reading from the TOTUS- Telepromper of the United States) against a master debater at Harvard.

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