Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Contrasting Visions of Slavery and Hard Work

When analyzing the ascendancy of Rep. Paul D. Ryan to become Speaker of the House, MSNBC hostess Melissa Harris Perry interrupted her guest for characterizing Ryan's reputation of being a hard worker on account of political correctness.

Melissa Harris Perry on Political Correctness and Hard Work

Harris Perry, who is also the  Presidential Chair Professor of Politics and International Affairs at Wake Forest University, can only seem to think of hard workers as being people forced to pick cotton in the fields in the antebellum South.

This tact was greeted with much derision in conservative public affairs circles where "our betters" (meaning self-satisfied, intellectually entitled liberal Democrats) would never deign to venture. 

One wonders if Ms. Harris Perry is just obsessed with race, if she panders so pliantly to political correctness to please management and viewer(s) at MSNBC or if just she is just seeking publicity (like when she wore tampons earrings supposedly to support abortion "rights").

Mike Rowe, the host of Discovery Network Dirty Jobs  and CNN's "Somebody's Got to Do It" took on the dirty job via Facebook to intellectually challenge Harris Perry's reservation of the term "Hard Worker". 

Mike Rowe contrasts slavery to hard work

It should be noted that Mike Rowe has been committed to stop the decline of the American infrastructure and assist Blue Collar workers  since 2008.  Wonder who is doing a better job in helping people, by paying lip service to political correctness and injected racial analogies into everything or someone celebrating hard work and helping others find lucrative "dirty jobs". 

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