Wednesday, March 26, 2014

On Ignoring the Constitution

Back in 2001, when Barack Obama was just a community organizer and State Legislator, he made some remarkable observations about the US Constitution. 

Some of these remarks resurfaced during the final stretch of the 2008 Presidential campaign, particularly Mr. Obama's January 2001 interview on Chicago Public Radio.  Mark Levin offered an incisive analysis of Obama's constitutional interpretations.

In case some may claim that Mr. Obama was misquoted, here is a transcript of Barack Obama on WBEZ  discussing negative liberties and redistributionism.

No wonder why Jon McNaughton was moved to paint "The Forgotten Man" (2010).

The Forgotten Man (2010) by Jon McNaughton

McNaughton wanted to depict the plight of the common man in the wake of Obama's redistribution of wealth and trampling upon the rights in the Constitution. However, the painter insists that both parties are guilty of trampling upon our fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution.

Mc Naughton hopes to inspire a metanoia where Americans return to the principles of the Constitution with a limited government, when individual and states' rights are protected and without the encumbrance of entitlement programs. 

As we see the lawless manner which the federal government is acting along with its insatiable hunger for revenue and aggregating power for apparatchniks and Cocktail Party Nomenklatura  in the District of Calamity (sic), may Americans be reawakened to defending Constitutional first principles. 

h/t:  Jon Mc Naughton
       Mark Levin

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