Monday, March 31, 2014

Fleshing Out Biden's Bluster on Already Americans

To give his outrageous immigration assertion a veneer of bipartisanship, Vice President Joe Biden quoted Theodore Roosevelt on Americanism to imply that it is all about principles, ideals and character.

So let me get this right.  These supposed "Undocumented Americans" (read illegal immigrants) either entered the country illegally or overstayed their visas, essentially cutting in line in front of foolish foreigners who followed official American immigration rules.  

In order to stay in the country they stay in the shadows.  In real terms, that means that either they support themselves by working "under the table" and not paying the taxes that Mr. Biden has said is a patriotic duty.  Another way to work is by  stealing someone's social security number in order to present papers to work "legally".  If a citizen did that, that would be a felony for the Social Security slight of hand and also liable for identity theft civil lawsuits.   

Another way to "support yourself" is to rely upon welfare.  The Obama Administration outreached to the Mexican government to distribute information on Food Stamp eligibility, but they laughably claimed that this was not meant for illegal aliens. Right. The forced kindness of strangers distributed by Uncle Sugar (a.k.a. Sam) coming from hard earned tax dollars.

Then there are the ideals.  Those applying for American citizenship have to take a test which inculcates American values and swear a pledge of allegiance.  But based upon Biden's bluster, none of these are necessary, especially based on Obama Administration Executive Orders will extra-legally applying and expanding the expanded the DREAM Act combined with  catch and release orders to law enforcement to not really enforce current immigration laws. 

Theodore Roosevelt was keen on not having hyphenated Americans. Considering the numbers of "Undocumented Americans" coming from south of the border, this is accomplished as they do not even consider themselves Americans.  If there is not a blanket amnesty, many plan to make their money working for a while in the US and returning home.

So much for principles, ideals and character of these "already Americans" living in the shadows.

Conservatives and Tea Party types celebrate new Americans who honor the legal immigration system.   But Americanism as espoused by TR is not achieved by effectively indiscriminate amnesty or by refusing to enforce existing immigration laws. 

h.t: Rick McKee 

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