Monday, March 31, 2014

National Geographic Illiteracy Illustrated

Americans are infamous for being blissfully ignorant about areas beyond their shores.  Unfortunately, this geographic illiteracy is applicable for places between our borders.

A new study commissioned by the Movoto real estate company asked 400 Americans to locate seven states on a map within five seconds.  The average score was 3.4 states. Those surveyed were likely to locate some of the more iconic states, as well as those states not part of the contiguous 48 states.

Movoto opined that plenty of the quiz takers were guessing their way through New England. In addition, a sizable number of those surveyed mistook Pennsylvania for New York. Survey takers also made many mistakes in the Mountain West which borders are divided by straight lines.

Watch the video with the real time responses from the survey.

As someone who loves geographic, and who always sought blue slices when playing Trivial Pursuit, the Genus edition, this Geographic Illiteracy Illustrated is disheartening.  Consider the geographic knowledge which Fourth Graders were expected to know in 1862.

Alas, what is more shocking is the same survey group tended estimate that the US population was between 1 to 2 Billion.   That inflates the population almost as much as reports of Obamacare sign-ups.

But  such young skulls full of mush who are clued into pop culture would score well if they were on SNL's Black Jeopardy, where does not depend upon having a clue of real knowledge but having the right attitude.

As concerned citizens attempt to stop the steam rolling of Common Core curriculum confusion, these engaged individuals ought to also stress geographic as part of the diversity education rather than just feeling good about being a progressive American Idiot who is left with little choice but to be a drone for the neo-statist agenda.

h/t:  Movoto blog

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