Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ted Cruz on Civil Campaigning

Senator Ted Cruz on Civil Campaigning

Last week, Republican front-runner received increased scrutiny for hot tempered hustings and inciting violence at campaign rallies.  Trump had to cancel a big rally at the University of Illinois-Chicago for what he cited as safety reasons as infiltrated protesters and street rallies threatened to get ugly. But Trump has also repeatedly used incendiary insults regarding detractors and Trump has encouraged supporters to give detractors rough treatment.

Opposition antics do not just plague the Trump campaign but are handled in dramatically different ways.  On the eve of the Illinois primary, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was heckled by a birther in Peoria. 

Rather than incite the crowd and gin up anger over the eligibility (non) issue , Cruz used civility and comedy to vanquish the opposition. 

This contrast revels character and inherent leadership styles. 

Speaker Paul Ryan has come out for civil campaigning, but it seems that the media and the unfocused angry voter continue to spotlight the Trump chaos circus campaign.

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