Friday, March 11, 2016

Donald Trump Rallies Violence?

Part of Donald Trump's leitmotif during the 2016 Republican Presidential Nomination race is to tap into the anger of the so called "Silent Majority" by inspiring large celebrity styled campaign rallies.

Trump revels at being politically incorrect and pugnacious, so he does not suffer fools lightly for protesters who dare to counter-demonstrate at his events.  The problem with such truculent tactics is that it rubs off on his fanatical supporters.

During the Miami Republican Debate, CNN moderator Jake Tapper questioned Trump about violence which has been bubbling up at his recent rallies.

Instead of immediately distancing himself from crazies at campaign rallies, Trump first feigns ignorance, then demonizes the disruptive dissidents then denies that he did anything.

Tapper pushed back on Trump's tacit tolerance of the violence by pointing out several instances which Trump egged on or encouraged his followers to give the unwanted guest an abusive adieux.

While it can be claimed that Trump says that he does not condone violence at rallies, his justifications impeach that assertion.  Moreover, after the debate, Trump told ABC News that: "The audience swung back [on Trump disrupters]...what we need to see a bit more of."

Many media commentators heaped praise on Trump for utilizing a soft spoken approach and not hurling crude insults at his opponents during the Miami GOP Debate. Yet the paralepsis politician continues to play the media, by implying something without saying it, albeit in without typical bluster or bombast.

Was the Trump pussy footing around distancing himself from David Duke in 2016 because the man who has the self proclaimed best memory did not recall what white supremacists groups are or because they were a small slice of useful idiots to vote in the SEC dominated Super Tuesday? How about Trump touting authoritarian exertions of strength by Putin and the Chinese Red Army repressing the Tiannamen Square protests, yet claiming that he did not endorse the actions?

Is this the "new normal" in the American polity?

Post Scriptus 03/13/2016  After reports that and Bernie Sanders supporters were the groups which shut down the Trump Rally at the University of Illinois-Chicago, Trump tweeted a taunt and threat:

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