Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Ronald Reagan on Unwanted Endorsements

Ronald Reagan on an Unwanted KKK Endorsement

In the 2016 Presidential Primary Race, Manhattan Mogul Donald Trump has been leading the polls for over six months, but big name endorsements have been slowly trickling in. Before the Iowa Caucuses, ex Governor Sarah Palin (R-AK) came out for "The Donald".  After dropping out of the 2016 race, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) threw his support to the GOP frontrunner.  And Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), who helped Trump craft his public immigration policy, now support Trump.  

But there are some shows of support which most people would not want.  Late last week, former Klansman David Duke said that it would like betraying the white race if his followers did not support Donald Trump. While Trump distanced himself from the Reform Party in 2000 specifically because of David Duke ant the KKK, Trump feigned ignorance of Duke when pressed about the 2016 quasi endorsement. Later Trump claimed that he was having trouble with his earpiece, even though he did not make typical technical difficulty gestures and was able to repeat Duke's name and his affiliation.

Thirty two years ago, Ronald Reagan faced an unwanted endorsement from David Duke, the Gipper had quite a different response.

 Many have tried to claim the mantle of Ronald Reagan. Discerning voters can see how Trump's reaction compares to Reagan and act accordingly.

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