Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Ben Carson's Passive Aggressive Trump-eting

After suspending his 2016 Republican Republican nomination race, Dr. Ben Carson came out to endorse front-runner Donald Trump. 

For those who still believed that Carson was a different kind of politician, one imbued with integrity and principles, Carson's embrace of Trump was surprising.  After all, Carson's rise to the top of the polls in November 2015 was thwarted by Trump's insinuation that he was "pathological" like a child molester. Moreover, Carson's political schtick was principled constitutionalism and Tea Party inspired smaller government.  Trump bloviates about getting rid of waste, fraud and abuse by Uncle Sam yet gives no specifics.  And Trump barely mentions the Constitution and gives little reference to the rule of law. 

Carson made mention that he was promised some sort of advisory role (if not a Cabinet position) in a Trump Administration, which reeks of pay for play deal political deal-making.  However, Carson's passive aggressive observation that even a failed Trump presidency is just four years makes his endorsement further seem like political expediency. 


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