Monday, January 11, 2016

Philly Mayor Kenney-- Dhimmitude or Dimmitude?

One can marvel at the progressive cognitive dissonance on display by the newly elected Mayor of Philadelphia Jim Kenney in the wake of an attempted assassination of patrol officer Jesse Harnett. 

Kenney had the audacity to announce that the shooting had nothing to do with Islam, despite the confession of the gunman that he did it for Allah and Islam. 

It is strange how Western elected officials, like Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama and even British Prime Minister David Cameron have become self appointed experts on the real Islam.

Within shariah law, there is the concept of a Dhimmi, a non-Muslim who maintains his second class status in society by paying the jizya (an annual  capital tax on the heads of non-believers) and who are constrained from saying anything against Islam.

Is Kenney's statement a demonstration of Dhimmitude or dimmitude to curry favor with President Barack Obama as well as his local electorate?

h/t: Fox News

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