Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ex U.S. Attorney Di Genova: "Hillary Will Not Make It to the Finish Line"

Former U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Joe Di Genova made a startling prediction about the 2016 Presidential campaign.  Di Genova who is an experienced prosecutor of political corruption was interviewed by Laura Ingraham about the State Departments tardy and incomplete processing of former Secretary of State and Democrat Presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton's emails.  

Di Genova speaks as a man of integrity and implicitly seems to have close contacts in the FBI.  His prediction that Hillary may not make it to the finish line. has great credibility.  In the event that US Attorney General declines to prosecute Hillary Clinton over having and holding classified information, Di Genova thinks that there will be massive consternation within the F.B.I. akin to Watergate.

The so called Saturday Night Massacre in Watergate from October, 1973 was when President Richard Nixon sought to fire US Attorney Archibald Cox who was investigating the Watergate break in.  This termination was resisted in the Department of Justice by both the Attorney General Elliot Richardson and Deputy A.G. William Ruckelshaus resigning in protest.  Although Nixon's will was reluctantly complied with by Solicitor General Robert Bork, this did not quell the controversy.  Eventually Nixon had to appoint Leon Jaworski as a new special prosecutor for Watergate.  The 50,000 telegrams from outraged citizens and resistance from both career bureaucrats and political appointees marked a pivot point which eventually led to Nixon's resignation in August, 1973.

Karl Marx once claimed that: "History repeats itself, first as a tragedy then as a farce."  Will history repeat itself or is there so little honor left in Democrats in the District of Calamity to try to secure prospective political victory with dignity? We shall see in 2016. 

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