Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Considering Obama's Apotheosis Among the Stars

Barbra Streisand on Obamacare

As Barbra Streisand defended the Affordable Care Act (better known and more accurately called  Obamacare), the celebrated chanteusse used a rhetorical flourish comparing President Obama to a Greek tragedy fit for Mount Olympus. 

One can see why Hollywood Celebutards who are already inveterate knee-jerk liberals might mistake Barack Obama as a deity.  Consider  his elevated, self-congratulatory rhetoric after winning the New Hampshire primary in January, 2008.


Sadly, the world that "the Chosen One" lead us to was not Arcadia but more of a political Potemkin village.  But stars do not mind a flimsy fantasy set where they can act and then retreat to a celebrity cocoon and let the little people deal with the rest of the mess.  Maybe even catch another round of golf.

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