Monday, October 6, 2014

Hildabeast Loose in Le Jardin du Roi?

Edward Klein Hillary Clinton Hildabeast

  In Edward Klein's book "Blood Feud" (2014), Hillary Clinton supposedly let loose on her former boss  President Barack Obama.  When the former First Lady, Senator from New York and Obama Secretary of State got together with some old college friends in March 2013 at a the Le Jardin du Roi French bistro in Westchester, New York,  Hillary verbally went on the prowl.

 Klein claims that between sips of wine, Mrs. Clinton lit into Obama with a passion that surprised them all.  Her earthy assessments of the Obama Administration seem to be particularly pertinent a year and a half later, with ISIS, Ebola and the IRS impeaching Mr. Obama's judgment and actions.

 Many low information voters are impressed by Hillary Clinton's credentials thinking that she is perfectly (pant) suited to become President.  However, when such supporters are challenged what policies or successes can be assessed to the so called smartest person in the world, they are left stammering.

 As President Obama's Presidency spirals out of control, Mrs. Clinton will conveniently continue to distance herself from the Obama White House.  Whether it is Hildabeast on the loose or left to her minions, expect some distance to be established between Hillary and the Obama Administration.


 The challenge is to expose what Hillary stands for rather than hiding behind her credentials or image of standing by her man after President Bill Clinton embarrassed her over the Monica Lewinsky affair.

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