Friday, October 31, 2014

Donna Brazile's Bile Demonizes the GOP

Several years ago, after Blue Dog Democrat Congressman Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ 8th) was critically shot by a lunatic leftist gunman, Democrats tried to shift the blame to Republicans by claiming that the GOP was fostering a lack of civility.  To that end, Donna Brazile penned a piece with a putative prayer:

[L]et us pray that our political leaders restore respect and civility in their political discourse, and beseech them to forgo the temptation to turn our plea to shun rancor into rancor. 

Noble sentiments.   But to echo a sentiment from the Democrat hustings in 2008: "Be the change you are looking for in the world."  Based upon Donna Brazile's base instincts displayed during this campaign cycle, civility is for suckers and/or the Tea Party.

Donna Brazile has a prominent progressive political pedigree, having being Press Secretary for Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, Campaign Manager for Al Gore's 2000 Presidential Campaign and is Vice Chairman of the Democrat National Committee. So Brazile is a go to surrogate for Democrats, and often graces the sets of ABCNews and CNN.

This campaign cycle Brazile has gone off the rails in vitriol and vituperousness, especially in social media. Campaign operatives can be expected to figuratively demonize their opponents before an election but suggesting that the gates of Hell be locked lacks subtlety and civility. So much for her little prayer after Gabby Giffords was gunned down.

Donna Brazile bridled at being called a radical for being a liberal who makes controversial statements.

 So to play the no labels parlor game, let us consider Brazile's  two egregious Twitter comments in context and flesh them out.

Prior to the midterm elections in which President Obama is not on the ballot but Democrat Congressmen and Senators need voter approval, Donna Brazile lashes out at politicians who do not support POTUS.  Brazile suggests that those who do not let Mr. Obama dictate policy for the next two years are demonic.

This inflamatory rhetoric is intended to stoke up the liberal base to get them to the polls.  But Brazile's bluster also shows an arrogance of power, insisting that the Chief Executive ought to always have his way in the District of Calamity.  Furthermore, the strident language reveals a contemptuous countenance which does not show signs of civility or cooperative governance.

Brazile's social media rants have taken off her mask.   Now informed voters can go to the polls and vote their consciences. 

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