Thursday, September 5, 2013

Gold Star Call to McCain's Poker Play Pastime

When Senator John McCain (R-AZ)  was caught playing poker on his iPhone during the 3 1/2 hour Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on the Syrian Crisis, the Maverick chose to laugh it off.  

The Senior Senator from Arizona claimed that he occasionally got "a leetle (sic) bored" by doing his job.  McCain noted: "The worst thing about it is that I lost thousands of dollars on this game."   CNN's Wolf Blitzer was more concerned as to whether McCain lost real money. reported Gold Star Mother Debbie Lee's reaction to McCain's lazy lawmaking.  

It infuriates me. We are facing the possibility of sending our sons and daughters to a war, conflict, military action or whatever politically correct term you use – an action that could change the world as we know it – and McCain couldn’t care less.
Gold Star Mom Debbie Lee
Debbie Lee founded America's Mighty Warriors, a non-profit organization which focuses on Gold Star Mothers.  Lee lost her Navy SEAL son in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2006.

The Gold Star Mom continued to question: 
Is that what the business of government has come to for so many who fill the halls of Congress? Is everything a gamble, with the best bet being the biggest bet? Has McCain already doubled down on war, since he knows the hand that is to be dealt?

Ms. Lee's pithy peroration professed:

I’m sorry the lives of our brave warriors who are fighting for our freedoms bore you. I’m sorry my country, the country my son died for, bores you. I’m sorry that the risk of war bores you. Senator, it is time for you to resign your position as my Senator.

At a time when only 29% of the American public supports hawkish behavior on the Syrian crisis, it is unwise to alienate the families of the military with such inattentiveness and clownish come-backs. 


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