Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Anthony Weiner Comes Up Short and Signs Off

Yesterday, New York City voters voted in the mayoral primary. The 2013 race captured a national interest not only because it was mayor of America's largest city but also because of a notorious candidate who had a serious chance to reside at Gracie Mansion with his Hillary Clinton connected  until he again became a national punchline.

 Anothony Weiner (D-NYC), the disgraced former 9th District Congressman who was forced to resign  his 9th District Congressional seat after a sexting scandal in 2011 tried to make a comeback by running for mayor of the Big Apple.  Weiner was ahead in late July, until it came out that Weiner was still sexting as he was plotting his comeback, including with Sydney Leathers, a twenty-something Indiana Democrat politico who he promised to set up in a love shack condo in Chicago when typing sweet nothings.

Weiner's support shrank from around 25% to 6% on election day.  Yet in the waning days of the campaign, NBC invited Weiner to be on Meet The Press. Perhaps, it was his prolonged public meltdown, as he berated prospective mayoral voters.  Of course the Lamestream Media loves as a good sex scandal, and Weiner was a gift that kept on giving.  In a celebrity culture, Weiner was the only "star" so it was easy to continue to give him the limelight, even on the near certain road to destruction.

Weiner ran behind and came in fourth.  The former Democrat star gave an "interesting" concession speech.

Did he really have to say that he "came up short"?  Perhaps he was still stimulated by the appearance of his internet inamorato Sydney Leathers at the final rally.

Anthony Weiner sexting partner Sydney Leathers at Weiner Concession Rally, NYC  09/10/2013

In departing from the public scene, Weiner signed off and revealed his true character.

Anthony Weiner gesturing from car on 9/10/2013 [photo:  @LyndseyChrist/Twitter]

May this be the last the public needs to pay attention to this loser political hot dog. Perhaps Weiner can consult with ex San Diego mayor Bob Filner (D-San Diego)  about which sex therapy treatment is preferable. Irregardless of the choice, may it be out  of sight and out of public office.

New York City voters also showed some discernment that they did not elect millionaire disgraced former Governor Eliot Spitzer (D-NY) as comptroller.  Spitzer who resigned after it was revealed that he was "Client Number 9" for a high class prostitute service.

It is unclear what Spitzer's future plans are.  The last time Spitzer unsuccessfully tried a stint on CNN.  Maybe Al Jazeera America is still be hiring

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