Thursday, September 12, 2013

Kickstarting World War III?

Strange days are these.  Russian Federation President (and former KGB Officer) Vladimir Putin chimerically sounds like a reasonable diplomat regarding the Syrian crisis. The United States government is contemplating intervention in the Levant to support al Qaeda elements who is at war with America in Benghazi, Boston and Ground Zero on 9/11.  President Obama's White House address to the American people on Syria manages to simultaneously co-opt the Bush doctrine while criticizing his predecessor.

Would it be that far fetched to believe a Kickstart Campaign to start World War III?  Second City satirizes our Nobel Peace Prize winning President.

Hometown comics really know how to push this POTUS's buttons. All save the reset button,  Unfortunately, the gimmick Reset button which former Obama Secretary of State Hillary Clinton presented to her Russian counterpart in 2009 was mistranslated and read "Overload". Symbolic or synchronicity for the second term?

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