Monday, November 14, 2016

On the Trump Riots

David Chappelle on the Trump riots after the 2016 Election

During Election 2016, progressives championed the mantra "Love Trumps Hate" to make a play on words with their bete noir presidential opponent and to taut liberal tolerance. Democrat Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton (D-NY) warned with grave tones that her Republican challenger was unwilling to make a pre-voting declaration that he would accept the results from the ballot box and that such attitudes threatened the American tradition of a peaceful transition of power.

 Yet after the election of President Elect Donald Trump, mobs of progressives took to the streets to protest the election.  There is quite a bit of evidence that these demonstrations have been coordinated and that George Soros funded organizations are employing a rent-a-mob.

One of the famed leftist chants is "This is what Democracy looks like."  If they mean mob rule then yes.

But the United States of America is a democratically elected Constitutional Republic. 

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