Monday, August 15, 2016

Trump Tries Blazing New Trail to Reach Voters Thru Glenn Beck

Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump (R-NY) has made a sport of mocking media with whom he has a tiff.  This includes Glenn Beck, a conservative oriented libertarian who was a partisan of Senator Ted Cruz in the Republican primaries and who has announced that he can not vote for Donald Trump in Election 2016, 

Trump played upon Glenn's emotive nature in deriding Beck and the Blaze comparing him to the outsted House Crier, former Republican House Speaker John Boehner.

Now Trump seems so desperate that he will blaze new trails by advertising with Glenn Beck.

So rather than be interviewed by Beck and answer some hard questions, Trump arranged to place paid media through the Blaze.  So Trump is effectively renting Beck's mailing list to get consideration for 10 million voters who he previously dismissed.

But this paid placement did not come without some caveats. Beck spent a whole segment on his nationally syndicated radio show explaining to his listeners why there was this turnabout.  Beck mused that unless a politician was a Klan person, Beck was open to take their money and allow the free flow of ideas.

Because Donald Trump now has his misgivings about the New York Times, the Trump campaign is now considering banning NYT reporters from events on the hustings. Wonder how much print ads are in the Old Grey Lady, after all Trump may think that the Empire State is in play. 

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