Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Fledgling Independent Presidential Candidate Evan McMullin on Donald Trump

Independent Presidential Candidate Evan McMullin on Republican nominee Donald Trump

Newly announced independent Presidential candidate Evan McMullin had some sharp words towards Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump (R-NY).

McMullin has previously worked for the majority staff of the House Foreign Affairs Committee so he may actually care about conservatism rather than just rely on their votes to be anyone but Hillary.  McMullin also served for ten years for the Central Intelligence Agency.

Due to McMullin's late launch, it will be impossible for McMullin to get ballot access throughout the 50 states.  With a concerted effort, McMullin's campaign might be able to get ballot access in 1/3rd of the states.  

It is unclear if McMullin's campaign is intended to be a quixotic Never Trump initiative or if it is intended to indicate that conservatives need not submit to the GOP Trump Party.   It is possible that McMullin, due to his Mormon background and rock solid conservative credentials, might be able to swing a couple of Mountain States (namely Utah and Idaho), which would never have voted for Democrats in a normal cycle but are toss ups with Trump.  

Theoretically, if Trump is not trounced in the Electoral College, McMullin might garner enough Electoral College votes to throw the 2016 election into the House of Representatives. That's highly unlikely, but in this election cycle nothing seems out of the question.

Many Conservative Republicans have groused about the Grand Old Party's populist nationalist nominee but no one else dared to do something about it. If Evan McMullin proves to be the real deal, many principled conservatives may consider voting their conscience in November.

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