Monday, August 1, 2016

Fighting for Gold Star Families Dignity

VFW Chief Brian Duffy Defends Gold Star Families from Donald Trump's Verbal Attacks

Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump (R-NY) has tried to capitalize on the veterans vote throughout the 2016 election.  Trump has scathed the Obama Administration for their failures to care for Veterans.  Trump has promised that Veterans will get the best care and be able to use Tricare at any hospital, not waiting for an appointment at a VA hospital.

That being said, Trump has a troubled history on the campaign trail honoring veterans.  Early in the Republican primary process, Donald Trump called Senator John McCain a loser because he was a captured Prisoner of War at the "Hanoi Hilton" during the Viet-Nam War. After coming under political fire, Trump half apologized and said that it was a misunderstanding. Sure. 

At the Democrat National Convention in Philadelphia, Gold Star parents Kzir and Ghizala Khan gave a presentation questioning Donald Trump's leadership.  Perhaps Democrats used the Khans as a shield against Hillary Clinton's Benghazi bungle in 2012.  Rather than letting grieving parents have their say and moving on, Trump led the charge of the Twitter light brigade against the Khans. 

Trump's continued attacks on the Khans brought out the VFW to step into their defense. Democrats certainly criticized Benghazi mother Pat Smith's emotional charges against Hillary Clinton, but the Democrat candidate wasn't stupid enough to lead the attacks. The counters to Pat Smith was about tone, not ad hominem attacks on religious piety or allegiance to America.

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