Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Kirsten Powers on Obama's Inability to Recognize Christian Persecution

During the summer of 2014, liberal commentator Kirsten Powers became convicted that President Barack Obama was not a humanitarian for his flaccid response to the Yazidi and Mosul Christians of being the expropriated, enslaved and threatened with extermination by ISIS. 

Unfortunately, in the ensuing nine months, the 44th President has done nothing to burnish his mantle of being a humanitarian. Powers pointed to the recent joint press conference between Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and President Obama at the White House.  Renzi's reaction to the news that Muslims on a refugee boat from Africa threw  twelve Christians overboard into the Mediterranean for their faith was that it was a "one off event" and that it did not reflect a clash of religious. Mr. Obama remained mute.  

When jihadist terrorists do slaughter the innocent, President Obama has shown himself unwilling to acknowledge their Christian faith.  Mr. Obama referred to the slaughter of 148 Christians by Al Shabaab in Kenya on Maundy Thursday were just folks, whereas the 21 Coptic Christians executed by ISIS in Libya were simply "Egyptian citizens".  Even Britain's Prince Charles, who occupies a primarily non-partisan role as Prince of Wales, has lamented the violent persecution of Christians in Iraq.

Perhaps it was no mistake that early in the Obama Administration, the Chosen One seemed congenitally incapable of echoing the Declaration of Independence correctly and invoking the Creator as it was written. But then again, those were the days when we expected Mr. Obama to follow the law and the Constitution as written,

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