Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Jinkies! Hillary's Scooby Van Is Really a Black Limo Mystery Machine

As Hillary Clinton (D-AR NY) was "getting started" with her Presidential campaign, she seems stuck on reruns.

While the former First Lady/ Senator/ Secretary of State kicked off her campaign with another video, but this time as a social media infomercial.The 2016 edition had better production value, the champion of the ordinary people message to earn your vote seemed like a slight variation of "let's talk" ala 2007.

Then Hillary set off on a trip to Iowa for a listening tour with ordinary Americans. Hillary made her mark on the hustings for the 2000 Senate campaign with a listening tour in Western New York, so this was deja vous all over again. But it should be noted that during the 2008 cycle, Hillary's "Let's Talk" video conferencing did not have the same magic in Iowa, and she eventually came in third during the Hawkeye Cauci.

Rather than to jet to Iowa, Hillary Clinton drove off to Iowa in a van dubbed "Scooby". Of course, Hillary has not been behind the wheel since 1996. So better put, the Secret Service escorted her in the same vehicle in which she is driven about in New York.

Then there is the mincing moniker "Scooby". Presumably, the Scooby tag is meant to be charming and humanizing.  But the nickname is also in reruns. The Hillary, Inc. transport "van" was also christened "The Mystery Machine" for the 2000 Senate campaign. The only semblance that the 2016 Scooby has with the Hanna Barbara Mystery Machine is that you can't see out the sides. The cartoon wheels was a panel van whereas Hillary is chauffer  in a limo van with tinted windows which separates the principle protectee from the hoi polloi.

Hillary's Mystery Machine worked quite well as Mrs. Clinton could order a burrito bowl with Huma Abedin at a Maumee, Ohio Chipotle restaurant wearing black sunglasses inside and no one noticed her (or cared).

This might be a successful strategy for anonymity, but missed the mark on connecting with the common folk who Hillary is supposed to be championing. 

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