Friday, November 14, 2014

Charlie Rangel on "Terms of Endearment"

Congressman Charlie Rangel (D-NY 13th) took to the airwaves after the Midterm Elections to malign the Tea Party.


 But purporting that "White Cracker" is a term of endearment was as laughable as considering the 84 year old, 22 term incumbent from Harlem is a paragon of ethics. 

Nevertheless, the racialized rhetoric seems to fan the flames as Ferguson is ready to erupt if the Grand Jury does not do what the mob demands.  Moreover, Rangel's rant makes a mockery of President Barack Obama's call for civility in civics.  Furthermore, Rangel's provocative epithet neither reflects reality nor sounds constructive. 

Harlem has a history of sending charismatic yet slimey and cantankerous Congressmen to represent them.  Rangel replaced Rep. Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.  (D-NY 1st), who  was not seated by a Democrat led Congress in 1967 after it became clear that Powell bilked taxpayers for six years by having his wife on the Congressional payroll after she moved back to Puerto Rico.  Powell was re-elected in 1969 and he was seated after winning his case before the US Supreme Court. 

 Although Congress and the public may not  be able to exclude Rep. Rangel from his seat in Congress, they can deny him authority and attention.  Rangel took a leave of absence from being Chairman of the power the Ways and Means Committee during his Ethics investigation in 2010.  Rangel did not return to the top Democrat spot on the Ways and Means Committee after he became the 23rd Congressman ever censured.  

While Rangel might make good copy and his social charms makes him a good guest, we should discern if Rangel's raspy rhetoric should be amplified in the media or shunned as bilious blathering from a hoary has-been.  Otherwise, we are condoning a Congresscritter blithely spewing polarizing politics.

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