Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Senator Bob Bennett on the Tea Party

It should be noted that three term former Senator Bennett lost to Mike Lee in 2010 during the GOP State Convention to choose their nominee.  Bennett was the son of Senator Wallace Forest Bennett (R-UT) who served from 1951-1974. 

It seems that the Establishment prefers the Cocktail Party on Capitol Hill rather than the Tea Party who will challenge the status quo.  In the 114th Congress, political junkies will discern if newly elected Senators like Senator-elect Joni Ernst (R-IA), Senator-elect Ben Sasse (R-NB), Senator-elect Tom Cotton (R-AR), and Senator-elect Cory Gardner (R-CO) opt for the establishment or seek to shake up the Senate GOP caucus. 

Jon Huntsman, Sr. is another storied name in Utah politics, recently opined that Republican's don't have a prayer in Presidential politics unless they nominate a moderate like Jon Huntsman, Jr. or Jeb Bush.  It is certainly understandable that Huntsman would unwavingly support his son, but plugging for Jeb screams of dynasty and an orientation of establishment.   

Time will tell if Senator Bennett and Jon Huntman's prognostications are prophetic or echoes of an earlier age.

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