Monday, June 3, 2013

Disconnect to Connect?

After all of the research that I have been conducting on cell-phones for my articles "A Call for Cellular Change" and "Choosing Cellular Competition-- A Sweet Young Ting or a Virgin Mobile", this video from a Thai cell phone provider really had an impact.

As wonderful as that message is, it bears consideration how I got that message.  It was an intriguing post from a Facebook friend who I have only briefly met once  "in real life".  So in reality, I was inspired by a cyber-connection.  But to use a Doug Coupland conceit from his seminal book Generation X (1991) , it would be a mistake to rely on an internet "Air Family" as opposed to maintaining real relationships. 

Philosophically, I think that everything in moderation as well as keeping in mind the important things in life--relationships  are better maxims than Keep Calm and Disconnect to Connect.

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