Wednesday, April 10, 2013

White House Conflicting Signs

It is interesting that at a supposed time of governmental austerity due to the sequester that the Obama Administration can cancel school tours of the White House, yet still have a PBS Blowout concert celebrating the Memphis Soul.  

The Air Force has cancelled 25% of its regular flights as well as ceremonial fly-overs due to the Sequester.  But has that grounded Air Force One?  Or what about the surf and ski tours for the First Family?  

The other ironic conflicting sign that the Lamestream Media will prompt the public to blame Congress for the pain of Sequestration.  

All of this is due to a cut of 2.3% in the rate of GROWTH of the Federal Budget. These conflicting signs should make it clear that it is the White House decides how sequestration is applied.  

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